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Weekend link dump for April 20

Personally, I think the way to deal with fans who run onto the field is to have more stadium security at the fences. Yeah, most of these guys are just drunken fools, but it only takes one evildoer to cause a possibly preventable tragedy.

The mother of all binge-watching opportunities is coming this August.

How not to succeed in show business, in one easy step.

The Darwin fish was a living, breathing, swimming, and walking thing.

When political cartoons predict the future.

Wage theft remains a huge problem.

You can have a dating site for Mormons, but you can’t call it a Mormon dating site.

RIP, Rod Kennedy, founder of the Kerrville Folk Festival and a whole lot more besides.

This is lawlessness.

TurboTax is astroturfing against free, simple tax filing. When you’re on the same side of a tax issue as Grover Norquist, you’re doing it wrong.

Of course, Norquist doesn’t want tax filing to be simple and easy, because then people won’t buy his BS about taxation in general.

Hank Aaron observed during the celebration of his 715th home run that there’s still plenty of racism in America, thus prompting a bunch of modern day racists to prove his point.

The parallels between Mad Men and the Manson Family murders.

Nothing like a trust fund baby whining about taxes he himself will never have to pay.

Munich is the place to be for gettin’ nekkid in public.

Texas Monthly sues the New York Times for poaching editor Jake Silverstein.

Nobody cares about the deficit. Nor should they.

Despite the cold in the US, it’s been a very warm winter globally.

Just a beautiful story. I won’t say any more than that. Go read it.

Haters gonna hate. And threaten to file lawsuits.

The actual effect of screening mammograms is much less than you think it is.

“Yes, you read that right. Using the national popular vote to determine who wins the presidency would be stealing elections. Let that sink in for a minute.”

RIP, Bud Purdy, who was what Western ranching was all about.

Congratulations to the Clinton family on their forthcoming addition.

Hey, law school is expensive.

“If you’re yelled at, boycotted, have your show canceled, or get banned from an Internet community, your free speech rights aren’t being violated.”

Congrats to Curtis High School, which has clearly shed the reputation it had when I was that age of being “challenging” for negative reasons.

“It was the permanently insured speculating about the uninsured and the barely insured – and, unsurprisingly, they got it wrong.”

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