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Weekend link dump for August 3

An older link, but since I’ve been seeing the question come up, here’s why grocery store rotisserie chickens are cheaper than uncooked chickens.

A little mockery can go a long way.

The state of California is doing just fine, thanks for asking.

Dogs get jealous, too.

How to raise kind children.

“Like I said, I haven’t heard there’s an epidemic of arrests of parents who let their nine year olds play alone in the park. What I have heard is far too many stories of poor working parents who got in trouble for leaving their nine year olds and younger kids alone at home while they were at work because they couldn’t find or pay for competent childcare.”

Confused cats against feminism. And one confused dog.

I don’t know that I approve of all of these ways to speed up baseball games, but on the whole I’d say the Atlantic League is on to something.

The Sarah Palin Channel is a thing that could happen.

Why lonely people tend to stay lonely.

Satanists are master trollers.

Maybe George R.R. Martinwill actually finish writing the “Game of Thrones” books.

Fist bumps spread fewer germs than handshakes.

“The effect of massing a medical marijuana law on youth consumption appears to be zero across the board.”

Congratulations to Michele Roberts, the new Executive Director of the National Basketball Players’ Association and the first women to hold such a position in the US.

Want more Fargo? You betcha.

“So the moral of the story is: Things suck but whatever you don’t try and make it better with a higher minimum wage. Go sell a kidney or something.”

The Pope is now too liberal for House Republicans.

The case for banning marijuana is pretty weak.

“But because we live in a culture that values independence and strength and negates the agency of victims – wrongly conflating victimhood with weakness instead of directing our opprobrium at those who victimize – the label will automatically have detractors.”

The GOP position writ large is still that we should deport all the DREAMers, block Obama from any further executive action to ease deportations, and not act in any way to legalize the 11 million.”

Got a home alarm system? Might want to click that link.

RIP, Theodore Van Kirk, last surviving crew member from the Enola Gay.

The demand for Sharknado movies has not yet been slaked.

“Remember: Billions of dollars were at stake and everybody was watching. If the costs of Obamacare subsidies could shift by billions of dollars depending on whether a state built its own exchange or instead used the federal exchange, the CBO would have been the one to know about it.”

I agree, it’s time to put a woman on the $20 bill. I’ll nominate Margaret Chase Smith as a good first choice.

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