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Weekend link dump for August 24

Have you ever said to yourself “What the world really needs is a Tumblr of motivational cat posters with Samuel Beckett quotations“? Well my friend, you are in luck.

Sometimes life really does hand you lemons.

“Several new apps offer quick ways for college students facing unsafe or uncomfortable situations to reach out to their peers, connect with resources on campus and in their communities, or notify law enforcement. These apps for the most part target sexual assault and rape, amid growing national concern about the prevalence of incidents and criticism of the ways colleges and universities are handling them.”

I for one welcome our tiny robot overlords.

“But what is it that Weird Al actually does? I don’t laugh at his songs, yet I’m delighted by his presence in the world of pop culture. With his parodic versions of hit songs, this somehow ageless fifty-four-year-old has become popular not because he is immensely clever—though he can be—but because he embodies how many people feel when confronted with pop music: slightly too old and slightly too square. That feeling never goes away, and neither has Al, who has sold more than twelve million albums since 1979.”

Why are gecko feet sticky, anyway?

“Finally, from my own perspective, while it’s true that I don’t want my son to do pornography, I’d be equally devastated if he decided to have a career issuing pay day loans or swindling the elderly out of their money.”

LGBT Americans are significantly less religious than heterosexuals. Boy, I sure can’t imagine why that might be the case, can you?

What Scott Lemieux says.

Why wearing sunscreen is important.

It was a beautiful song but it ran too long/If you want to have a hit you’ve got to make it fit/So they cut it down to 3:05.

“You can’t always trust your gut: it may be deliberately lying to you as part of the eternal microscopic war going on inside your body.”

Three words: Fried Sriracha balls. You’re welcome.

RIP, Jim Jeffords, former Senator from Vermont.

RIP, Don Pardo, announcer for “Saturday Night Live”, “Jeopardy!”, and too many other things to mention.

You survived the Srirachapocalypse, but are you prepared for Nutellamageddon?

Rick Perry is the latest beneficiary of the Hack Gap.

This is why not to do the Ice Bucket Challenge.

“This is a historic failure of leadership. Recalls were created for moments like this one. So recall the mayor. Recall the city council. Elect new officials who will fire the police chief. Success is not guaranteed, but it is quite plausible and perhaps even likely. The whole lot of them could be tossed out.”

Put Graig Nettles in Monument Park already.

Has anyone told Michelle Duggar that lying is a sin?

Apple’s iMessage system has a spam problem. BlackBerry users, however many of them are left, can gloat a little about it.

The “terror babies” zombie lie shambles on.

Elephant poachers truly suck.

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