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Weekend link dump for December 21

Happy winter solstice, y’all. Now let’s have some longer days, please.

The pros and cons of science stories and their pedagogical value.

Instant replay in baseball hasn’t prevented managers from getting ejected for arguing calls.

It’s about time – way past time, really – that Democrats and progressives paid some attention to state issues. The Republicans figured that out years ago.

What Manhattan would have to look like if everyone who commuted there drove.

I felt like this when Olivia was a baby. I expect to feel that way again when she’s a teenager. I also figure we’ll all survive, one way or another.

There’s money to be made fighting the War on Christmas.

From the “It takes ID to get ID” department.

“But revelations that the T-shirts were made by a company that has faced criticism for mistreating workers — an accusation the firm rejects — is now raising questions about whether a movement for racial justice has a responsibility to make sure it also advances economic fairness.”

“The Tea Party understands this. It taps into a simmering anti-elitist rage on the Right, exploits it and stands firm to its convictions. There’s not only nothing wrong with that—it’s admirable. That’s not the problem with the Tea Party. The problem with the Tea Party is that the things it stands for are almost universally immoral, and its policy prescriptions are disastrous.”

Coke with a green label. That’s just wrong.

Why did the Red Cross refuse to work with Occupy Sandy?

You can now eat more kale and not get sued.

“But when it comes to making change happen on a legislative or judicial level, the anti-choice movement is borrowing a plan of action from climate change denialists and creationists: Create the illusion of a scientific controversy where none exists, and use that as a pretext to push a right-wing agenda.”

“This is what patriotism looks like when it’s cut off from any notion of a higher morality that could limit or rein it in. All that counts is whether an action benefits the political community. Other considerations, moral and otherwise, are irrelevant.”

Nerf Legal Warfare: 5 Tales Of Foamy Fun Gone Wrong

“It turns out that the problem of rising antimicrobial resistance is as much about economics as it is about science or medicine. Left unchecked, it will kill millions of people every year, and have serious adverse economic consequences for the world.”

I have no patience for junk food marketing that tries to lure kids with cartoon characters, video games, and thinly veiled promises of being cool.”

The mumps had a pretty good year this year.

Anthony Tarantelli is my new favorite football player.

“What is the one common trait uniting all of that 69 percent of white evangelicals applauding CIA torture? They’re “pro-life,” of course.”

For shame, Greenpeace. You’ve got a lot of amends to make.

RIP, Norman Bridwell, creator of “Clifford, the big red dog”.

“Since when do far-right Republicans criticize the U.S. private sector looking for expanded trade?”

All the celebrities, more or less, who helped send off The Colbert Report.

Has it really never occurred to Chris Christie that there are a lot of Eagles fans in New Jersey?

The Dr. Dre-del is what you need.

RIP, Mandy Rice-Davies, central figure in the Profumo scandal.

RIP, Lowell Steward, former Tuskegee Airman and veteran of nearly 200 missions in Europe during WWII.

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