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Friday random ten: The music of “Fargo”

I’m in kind of an in-between place in putting these together right now, so imagine my pleasant surprise to read this story of how the excellent music for Season 2 of Fargo was sourced. Even better, it has ten songs in it, with videos:

1. Children of the Sun – Billy Thorpe
2. One Hour Ahead Of The Posse – Burl Ives
3. Song of the Soul – Cris Williamson
4. The Eve Of War – Jeff Wayne
5. Yama Yama – Yamasuki
6. I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow – Blitzen Trapper
7. O Death – The Shakey Graves
8. Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) – White Denim
9. Sorcerer – Junction
10. California Dreamin’ – Bobby Womack

There’s actually an 11th song in there, a cover done by showrunner Noah Hawley and the show’s composer. You can see several nods to past Coen Brothers films – getting covers of songs done in Coen movies became a part of the task that music wrangler Marguerite Phillips set for herself. I hope she turns it into a CD. Anyway, it’s a great read and a great listen, and it got me off the hook for this week. What more could I want?

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