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Weekend link dump for July 2

“They just stared at me, and at that moment, Tom’s door opened and another girl came out, adjusting her hair and taking off down the hall, while the first girl in line slipped into Tom’s room. This was a young man who knew something about time management and understood how to successfully juggle Bible study and blow jobs. I went to bed alone that night thinking it served me right for not being religious.”

The Science Channel is all over the August 21 solar eclipse.

Why do so many hackers come from Russia?

Getting bitten by a tick may result in developing an allergy to meat.

The truth about Medicaid, which is a lot more successful than some people would like you to think.

For example, Medicaid pays for most of the 1.4 million people in nursing homes. Where will they go if/when it gets cut to shreds?

“One would think that after the AHCA debacle, Senate Republicans would have proposed a vastly different bill, but they did not. The BCRA disproportionately impacts Americans on the lower end of the economic spectrum.”

“But we do not reside in normal times, McConnell is not a normal leader, and the contemporary Republican Party—one contemptuous of normal standards of behavior or representative process—is itself anything but a conventional American political party.”

“There’s no question that people in the individual insurance market would end up with higher deductibles under the Senate bill, much like the House.”

“A cheap home isn’t affordable if it comes with high transportation costs.”

“But politically, the far more important number is 15 million. The CBO projects that the Senate bill would create 15 million more uninsured in 2018. That’s next year. An election year.”

“According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, about sixty per cent of the people who enrolled in the program were employed. Under the Senate bill (and the House bill), many of these workers, some of whom could be earning as little as fifteen thousand dollars a year, would no longer be eligible for Medicaid in a few years, and they would have to take their chances in the open market.”

“I often say that femmes are the queerest of the queer. We walk a lonely line between passing in, but not belonging to the straight world, and belonging to, but being invisible in the queer world.”

Bad Zillow. No biscuit for you.

“Pretending that both parties just have very different approaches to solving a commonly agreed upon problem is really just a lie. It’s not true.”

“I want you to take this in, hat-wearing female dog, lest you spend the next 15 years of your life trying to impress someone who is not worth your time. Ignore the hat-based norms of the dog universe and wear what makes YOU happy. Celebrate yourself! You are awesome and unique, like that dancing eleven-year-old in the blonde wig from Sia’s Chandelier video, only a dog version!”

RIP, Michael Bond, creator of Paddington bear.

Place your bets on who will win the (TV version of) Game of Thrones.

“A lot of top Republican leaders have expressed their dismay about what was obviously a sexist insult, but that’s hardly sufficient. This is the same party, after all, that recently produced its Senate health care bill drafted by a committee of 13 men. A bill whose defenders have argued, in effect, that making maternity health coverage more expensive is not a problem because guys don’t get pregnant.”

“Don’t sugarcoat this. Trump just called for 32 million people to lose health coverage.”

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