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Weekend link dump for August 13

The National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year contest for 2017. Go see gorgeous photos.

Donald Trump could have been president in Sharknado 3. Which would have been infinitely preferable to current reality.

“Now that the Republican Party has won the House, the Senate and the Presidency the effort it is making to Repeal and Replace Obamacare is itself a Fraud upon Republican Voters and Donors.”

“That business model and this financial trajectory suggests that MLS’s sea of red ink is either a loss leader or a Ponzi scheme, and it’s not always easy to tell the difference between the two until it’s too late. Several sports economists, though, aren’t optimistic.”

How NASA will be studying the solar eclipse.

“The wall is no metaphor to Trump. He will accept no substitutes to a huge, long, physical wall, which he believes his voters viscerally want. He told GOP Hill leaders in June he wants it to be 40 to 50 feet high and covered with solar panels. Hill Republicans privately mocked that idea, but some of those same people now recognize that Trump’s big, beautiful — and in their minds, ridiculous — wall could be the thing that brings the U.S. government to its knees.”

“Despite Blum’s rather reductive use of Asian Americans as a model minority to dismantle affirmative action programs, many Asians, including myself, are actually strong proponents of affirmative action.”

“The rapid moral deterioration of Homeland Security took place during the six months that John Kelly, the retired Marine general that Trump appointed to run the vast department, was at the helm. He was not a passive conduit just following orders from the White House.”

“The criminal justice system often responds to drunk drivers by focusing on their driving, for example, by taking away driver’s licenses, restricting driving to daylight hours, or installing a breathalyzer that locks the ignition if the would-be driver has been drinking. But new research indicates that a highly effective approach to alcohol-involved crime is more direct and simple: Take away the offender’s access to alcohol.”

RIP, Don Baylor, 1979 American League Most Valuable Player and former big league manager.

RIP, Haruo Nakajima, the actor in the Godzilla suit for the classic monster movies.

David Letterman is coming back.

Good riddance, and good decision by Google.

RIP, Glen Campbell, country music legend.

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One Comment

  1. Bill Daniels says:

    RE: Google. You’d think people who are absolutely outraged that anyone would question the “settled science” of climate change would be equally outraged that the Google memo writer would get fired for writing scientific truth. You’d think. Anyone who actually read the whole memo can see the guy is no ultra right winger misogynist. He’s just a guy who dared to point out that the emperor has no clothes.

    I’m actually good with them firing him for any reason, or no reason at all, but it seems he might have a grievance against them because of CA law.

    Regarding the Asian who supports affirmative action that actively discriminates against Asians:

    I’m sure there were a few black people that supported Jim Crow laws, too. That doesn’t make the writer’s position any more logical. It’s interesting that whatever standards the left comes up with for admission, the Asians just double down and do. Gee, SAT and grades not enough? OK, here’s the extracurricular activities and volunteer work we’ve done. It you told high school students that college admittance was to be based in part on wearing pink tutus 24/7, the Asian kids would be wearing them. Whatever hoop you put in front of them, they will jump through, without complaining, which I guess explains why the article writer supports affirmative action. It’s cultural for her not to complain.