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Weekend link dump for September 17

How Game of Thrones spoilers happen. Because people want them to happen would be my explanation.

“We’re not talking here about anything as puny as political economic power. No, climate is about something far more terrifying it its capacities: Climate change is about planetary power.”

What’s really going on with Google Drive.

“Why the Equifax breach is very possibly the worst leak of personal info ever”. And what you should do about it.

RIP, Len Wein, influential comics writer who co-created characters including Wolverine and Swamp Thing.

RIP, Don Ohlmeyer, one of the original producers of Monday Night Football.

“If Mark Zuckerberg runs for president, will Facebook help him win?”

China versus Bitcoin. Who ya got?

How Jeopardy! questions get written.

Just so we’re clear, Donald Trump is a Republican. This is what you call someone who wins the Republican primary for President.

Remembering Bretagne, the Last Known 9/11 Search-and-Rescue Dog. Warning: the video at the end will choke you up.

“This is one of those things — a hurricane strong enough to change the shape of an ocean.”

“Three cheers for Missouri, the upside-down land where Christians perform the gruesome animal sacrifices and Satanists bring the religious freedom lawsuits.”

RIP, Edith Windsor, gay-rights activist whose landmark Supreme Court case struck down the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013.

“The blinding rise of Donald Trump over the past year has masked another major trend in American politics: the palpable, and perhaps permanent, turn against the tech industry. The new corporate leviathans that used to be seen as bright new avatars of American innovation are increasingly portrayed as sinister new centers of unaccountable power, a transformation likely to have major consequences for the industry and for American politics.”

RIP, Frank Vincent, best known for playing Phil Leotardo on The Sopranos.

Hot oligarch on oligarch violence. May they all lose.

White evangelical Christians are huge hypocrites. I’d say it’s all Donald Trump’s fault, but no one made them do it.

Cassini’s Mission to Saturn in 100 Images. Godspeed and thank you for your service, Cassini.

Four words: Nun with a chainsaw. You’re welcome.

The actress who starred in the porn video liked by Ted Cruz’ Twitter account doesn’t approve of him watching it for free.

I’m so excited about the forthcoming adaptation of Good Omens, I can’t even stand it.

RIP, Harry Dean Stanton, brilliant character actor from Alien, Pretty In Pink, Repo Man, and many more.

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  1. Ross says:

    Another RIP for Jerry Pournelle, the science fiction and computer writer, who died at 84 in Studio City, CA on Sept 8.