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Interview with Sarah Winkler

For what truly will be my last interview of the 2009 cycle, I bring you a conversation with Alief ISD Trustee Sarah Winkler, who serves District 6 and is also the President of the AISD board. She has been in office since 1997, and is a 28-year resident of Alief whose five sons all attended […]

Interview with Otis Jordan

Next up, we have an interview with Otis Jordan, who is running in District D. Jordan just retired as a captain in HFD after 30 years of service. Jordan is a graduate of Ross Sterling High School and TCU, and was an officer in the Army Reserve before joining the Fire Department. He is running […]

Interview with Adrian Collins

I know, I said I was finished with interviews. Turns out that wasn’t quite the case, and so today we have a conversation with Adrian Collins, who is running for HISD Trustee in District IX against incumbent Larry Marshall. Collins is a veteran of the Army and of the Texas Legislator, where he spent a […]

Interview with City Controller Annise Parker

We wrap up our 2009 interview season with a conversation with Annise Parker. Parker is serving her third term as Houston City Controller, having served three terms as an At Large Council Member before that. She is a native Houstonian and graduate of Rice University who worked for 20 years in the oil and gas […]

Interview with Council Member Peter Brown

Our next Mayoral candidate interview is with City Council Member Peter Brown, who is currently serving his second term as the Member from At Large #1. Brown is a Houston native and UH grad who served six years in the Army Reserve after graduation. Brown is an architect and urban planner who was elected to […]

Interview with Gene Locke

And we come to the end of the campaign interview season for 2009 with a conversation with each of the three leading contenders for Mayor. First up is Gene Locke, a native of East Texas and longtime resident of Houston who earned degrees from UH and South Texas College of Law. Locke has been in […]

Interview with Council Member Pam Holm

Wrapping up my interviews with candidates for Houston City Controller is Council Member Pam Holm, the incumbent in District G. Holm is a native Houstonian and a longtime citizen activist who serves fulltime as Council Member. She is Chair of the Pension Review Committee and currently serves on the Budget and Fiscal Affairs committee, and […]

Interview with Council Member MJ Khan

Next among the candidates for Houston City Controller is Council Member MJ Khan, the incumbent in District F. Khan, a native of Pakistan, is a professional engineer who also has an MBA from Rice University and owns a real estate development company. Khan sits on the Budget and Fiscal Affairs committee and currently chairs the […]

Interview with Council Member Ronald Green

We begin the final two weeks of interviews with Council Member Ronald Green, who is the first of the City Controller candidates I spoke to. Like his opponents in the race, Green is term-limited out of Council, where he is the incumbent in At Large #4. Green is a native Houstonian and an attorney who […]

Interview with Ray Reiner

And we’ll wrap up the HISD candidate interviews with Ray Reiner, who is also running for the open District V seat. Reiner is retired after a 40-year career in HISD, where he wore many hats, including three stints as a principal. In addition to that, Reiner has been a teacher, guidance counselor, District Superintendent and […]

Interview with Mike Lunceford

One last time into the HISD races with Mike Lunceford, running for the open Trustee seat in District V. Lunceford is a petroleum engineer and longtime HISD volunteer who has served as a member of the HISD Bond Oversight Committee since 2003. He and his wife have two children that graduated from HISD schools. Download […]

Interview with Council Member Jarvis Johnson

Wrapping up my series of incumbent district Council member is Jarvis Johnson, who is finishing his second term in District B. Council Member Johnson has been one of the leading advocates for bringing wireless Internet access to various parts of the city, as well as being an adopter of social media through blogging and Twitter. […]

Interview with Council Member James Rodriguez

Next we have Council Member James Rodriguez, who is serving his first term in District I. He’s been busy on a number of fronts, including the construction of the Harrisburg light rail line and the pending Dynamo Stadium deal, as well as becoming a father for the first time in August. Rodriguez is unopposed this […]

Interview with Council Member Mike Sullivan

We begin Round 2 of the incumbent district Council members with Mike Sullivan, who is serving his first term in District E. As with his colleagues, there’s been a lot of action in his district these past two years, and as such we had much to talk about. Sullivan has one opponent on the ballot […]

Interview with Progressive Coalition candidates

I know I said I was finished with Council candidate interviews, but I wound up with one more, and will have two more HISD Trustee interviews to run next week as well. Today’s interview is a bit of a departure, in that it is with three candidates at once. They are Donald Cook, Deborah Shafto, […]

Interview with Council Member Anne Clutterbuck

Today’s interview subject is Council Member Anne Clutterbuck, who is serving her second term in District C. There’s been a lot of action in her district of late – the Ashby highrise, the rebuild of Kirby Drive, the Universities rail line – so we had quite a bit to talk about. Clutterbuck has one opponent […]

Interview with Council Member Wanda Adams

Next up is Council Member Wanda Adams, who is finishing up her first term in District D. Adams was an employee of the city who was the Go Green coordinator at the time of her election in 2007, and she continues that work as Community Relations Coordinator with the Solid Waste Management Department. She has […]

Interview with Council Member Ed Gonzalez

I’m going to spend some time now with incumbent district Council members who are running for re-election. First up is my own Council member, Ed Gonzalez, serving his first term in office after winning a special election runoff in June. As you might expect, he’s had to hit the ground running since then. Gonzalez is […]

Interview with Linda Toyota

Completing the series of HISD Trustee candidate interviews for District I, today we have a conversation with Linda Toyota. Toyota is currently the Chief Development Officer at YWCA Greater Houston, and has been the Sr. Vice President of Development at the Houston Technology Center and the Development Officer at the Holocaust Museum Houston, among many […]

Interview with Anna Eastman

Next up is Anna Eastman, also running for Trustee in HISD District I. Eastman is a community activist and former social worker who co-founded along with her husband the 11 ½ Street Foundation, which recognizes and provides monetary awards for outstanding veteran teachers. She is currently a stay-at-home mom whose three kids attend HISD schools […]

Interview with Alma Lara

Moving on to the HISD Trustee races, we start with Alma Lara, who is running for the open HISD Trustee seat in District I. Lara is retired after a 35-year career in HISD in which she was a teacher, principal at Ketelson Elementary School, and Parent Specialist in HISD’s North Central District and East Region. […]

A list of interviews so far

As I said last week, I do not expect to do any more interviews with City Council candidates. This week, I will be publishing interviews with HISD Trustee candidates, to be followed by interviews with incumbent district Council members, then the candidates for Controller and Mayor. This seemed like as good a time as any […]

Interview with George Foulard

For my last City Council candidate interview, we have George Foulard, who is running in District G. Foulard is a political newcomer who has worked in the international commodities industry and is currently employed as an operations manager. He is a founder and Chief Information Officer of the Higher Learning Foundation, which he and some […]

Interview with Dexter Handy

My penultimate City Council candidate interview is with Dexter Handy, who is running in District G. Handy is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force where he had a distinguished 28-year career that included a stint as Chief of the Department of Defense’s Computer Emergency Response Team. Handy was the Democratic candidate for Commissioners […]

Interview with Jack Christie

We are getting close to the end of my interview series. This week I will wrap up the interviews with non-incumbent candidates for City Council. Next week I will have HISD Trustee candidates, then incumbent District City Council members, and finally the Controller and Mayoral candidates. If it all goes according to plan, it’ll finish […]

Interview with Richard Sedita

Richard Sedita is a candidate for District G. He is an Army veteran who served in the Korean DMZ from 1967-69 as a medic. Since then, he has been a registered nurse and has worked as an ER Director, ICU nurse, quality assurance director, and currently as a case manager. Sedita lives in the Westchase […]

Interview with Carlos Obando

We don’t get a lot of competitive Council race in Houston that don’t involve an open seat. As I’ve noted before, we may get one this year for At Large #5. One of the candidates seeking to unseat incumbent Council Member Jolanda Jones is Carlos Obando, who was the first to announce his candidacy. Obando […]

Interview with Council Member Sue Lovell

Council Member Sue Lovell is running for re-election to her third term in At Large #2. She chairs the Quality of Life committee, from which the recent ordinances about billboards, signage, and attention-getting devices originated, as well as the Transportation, Infrastructure, and Aviation committees, and she also serves as Mayor Pro Tem. Oh, and she’s […]

Interview with Rick Rodriguez

Today’s interview subject is Rick Rodriguez, who is running in At Large #1. Rodriguez is a 24-year veteran of HPD, where he has worked in a variety of divisions and units, and is now in the Criminal Intelligence Division. He has been the President of the Houston Police Organization of Spanish Speaking Officers. Rodriguez was […]

Interview with Mills Worsham

Next up is Mills Worsham, who is a candidate in District G. Worsham is the Houston Community College Trustee representing District 6, succeeding Jim Murphy after the latter’s election to the State Legislature in 2006. He is a native Houstonian who was educated in HISD and who graduated from the University of Houston, and a […]

Interview with Council Member Jolanda Jones

I feel like Council Member Jolanda Jones needs no introduction. She’s got a fairly high profile these days, and if you follow Houston politics at all, you’ve probably got a familiarity with her and an opinion of her. Mine remains the same, in that while I don’t always agree with what she’s doing, I like […]

Interview with Mike Laster

Moving back to District F, today’s interview subject is Mike Laster. Mike is an attorney specializing in real estate, and was for six years a Senior Assistant City Attorney in the Real Estate Division of the City Attorney’s Office. Mike is a resident of Sharpstown, where he is Secretary and founding Board Member of the […]

Interview with Jeff Downing

Next up is Jeff Downing, who is running in District A. Jeff is an attorney who runs his own firm, after having been a prosecutor in the Harris County District Attorney’s office. He was an intern in the White House during the Clinton administration after graduating from Texas A&M. Jeff resides in Oak Forest. Download […]

Interview with Council Member Melissa Noriega

One of the things planned to do with my interview series this year is include conversations with incumbent Council members. I’ve started on those and hope to get to all of them just as I hope to get to as many candidates as I can. My first incumbent interview subject is someone I consider a […]