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Here comes Trader Joe’s

They’re opening the first Houston-area store in the Woodlands, which doesn’t count as far as I’m concerned. But it’s all right, the one I am interested in will follow behind shortly. The 13,500-square-foot store at 10868 Kuykendahl has a fraction of the items found in a big supermarket but does offer a trove of gourmet […]

Trader Joe’s makes its move

Alabama Theater, here they come. Trader Joe’s is officially considering the historic Alabama Theatre for its first Houston outpost. The proposal is on the agenda for this week’s meeting of the Houston Archaeological and Historical Commission, which would have to approve changes made to the property. That would be tomorrow. You can see a copy […]

Trader Joe’s to the Alabama Bookstop?

Maybe. Trader Joe’s is eyeing the old Alabama Theatre on Shepherd and West Alabama, according to a source familiar with the situation. Earlier this year, the grocer said it planned to open stores in Houston and Dallas. Specific locations were not identified. Weingarten Realty, which owns the property, would not comment. Neither would Trader Joe’s. […]

Angelika Theater closes

Bummer. “After 13 years of continued service to the Houston community, the Angelika’s lease has been terminated by the Angelika’s landlord….” No word yet as to whether the Angelika, one of a global group of affiliated theaters, will reopen outside of the Bayou Place location downtown. As one commenter said, “Houston, a city of 5+ […]

Weingarten’s whining

Apparently, the folks at Weingarten are a wee bit sensitive about the negative reactions they’ve gotten since their plans to demolish the interior of the Alabama Theater became public knowledge. They’ve been keeping their PR people busy with a continued barrage of ever-denser statements about what may or may not be happening at that location. […]

Staples confirms it is not looking at the Alabama Theater

Swamplot noted this last week when one of its readers sent an email to Staples, and now the company has written a letter to the Chron to confirm that they are not seeking to redevelop the Alabama Theater. Staples was invited by the owner to consider leasing the Alabama Theatre location. We showed interest because […]

Whose job is it anyway?

This Chron editorial reviews the Weingarten/Alabama BookStop situation, and raises a pertinent issue: Most cities aggressively protect the handful of places that make them special. Houston doesn’t. We offer incentives to make stadium deals work for sports teams. Why not make historic preservation more attractive to business? So far, Houston has taken only tentative steps […]

No Staples for the Alabama Theater

Some news from Swamplot, from a commenter there named Andrea: “After writing to Staples PR this is their canned response: ‘While there has been speculation about Staples in connection with the historic Alabama Theater, we do not have a lease agreement at this location. Staples will continue to be a good neighbor that supports the […]

Keep hope alive for the Alabama Drafthouse

Crossing my fingers. More than six months ago, the owners of the Houston-area Alamo Drafthouse locations talked to Weingarten Realty about leasing the historic Alabama Theater. The negotiations fell apart when the groups couldn’t come to an agreement. Now, with mounting public support to bring the cinema to the former Bookstop location at West Alabama […]

Alabama Drafthouse Theater idea gains momentum

With the revelation that Weingarten has plans to demolish the interior of the former Alabama BookStop so that it may get turned into a Staples or something like it, more people are expressing the wish that something be done instead to preserve the old theater’s unique look. One obvious idea: Make it a theater again. […]

Weingarten update

Swamplot keeps digging to find out more about what’s going on with the Alabama Theater. Basically, though Weingarten is being weaselly about it (I know, I’m shocked too), it seems clear they are planning to demolish the interior of the building. It’s exceedingly unlikely that Weingarten is actively pursuing any strategies for the property other […]

The Alabama Staples?

Swamplot brings an update on the Alabama Theater, where the now-closed BookStop was. It looks like the former Alabama Theater — known since the early eighties as the Alabama Bookstop, and since last fall as that big vacant space for lease in Weingarten Realty’s Alabama Shepherd Shopping Center — is about to be gutted. A […]

More Alamo Drafthouse locations on tap

Some news of interest from Nancy Sarnoff’s new blog. The two Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas in the Houston area are being sold to an investment team that plans to open at least seven more in Texas. Triple Tap Ventures LLC will convert the company-owned locations at West Oaks Mall and on Mason Road in Katy to […]

The best idea you’ll hear for what to do with the Alabama Theater

How about turning it back into a movie theater? And not just any theater, either, but an Alamo Drafthouse theater. I wholeheartedly endorse the concept that ‘stina enunciates in her letter to the Alamo Drafthouse corporate office. I don’t know anything about movie theaters or real estate, nor do I have any money. But the […]

Metro and its art deco demolition debacle

I saw this Swamplot report yesterday and I thought “Why, Metro, why? Why are you pissing off your supporters so?” This timely building at 4819 Harrisburg in Eastwood, built in 1935 for the Sterling Laundry & Cleaning Co., showed up in yesterday’s Daily Demolition Report. The architect was Sol R. Slaughter, who also designed a […]

Lisa Gray on the closing of the Alabama Bookstop

Lisa Gray writes about the impending closing of the Alabama Bookstop, to be followed by the opening of the new Barnes & Noble and the rest of the remade River Oaks Shopping Center, and what it means for the Bookstop’s historic building and the nearby River Oaks Theater. Along the way, she notes the Facebook […]

Alabama Bookstop to close next month

In June, I noted a Swamplot post that said the Alabama Bookstop would be closing soon, but that property owner Weingarten would not be demolishing the existing building. We now have a reported date for the Bookstop to close up shop. Barnes & Noble Booksellers will close its Bookstop location in the revered Alabama Theater, […]

Will the Alabama Bookstop be spared the wrecking ball?

A commenter at Swamplot, who claims to have inside information, has the following to say about the River Oaks Shopping Center and the Alabama Bookstop. 1. Barnes and Noble owns Bookstop. They are closing it to move to the new location at ROSC. 2. Weingarten has no intent of demolishing the Alabama Theater. They have […]