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The bid is in for the NCAA Champions game

We are officially bidding on the new Champions Bowl, the 2014 replacement for the BCS Championship Bowl, for Reliant Stadium. We heard about this in July, and it makes sense that Houston was solicited for a bid and that we’d go through with it. Mostly I’m noting this because I was amused by the following […]

Bye-bye, BCS

Some sort of playoff system is on its way. The expected became a reality Wednesday as college football’s leaders announced that they will move forward with a four-team seeded playoff to decide the sport’s champion starting in 2014. The decision effectively ends the controversial and polarizing Bowl Championship Series system, which began in 1998 as […]

Who’s number 14?

As the SEC welcomed Texas A&M as its 13th member, commissioner Mike Slive says they have no immediate plans to invite a 14th. Slive said the SEC wasn’t looking to expand, but that A&M was too attractive of an option to ignore. “We were very happy at 12,” Slive said. “When Texas A&M came to […]

The BCS blahs

Were you thinking that the BCS bowl lineup this year was a bit of a snoozefest? You weren’t alone if so. Ticket sales for some of those games — the Orange, Sugar, Rose and Fiesta bowls — have been sluggish, and ratings generally have been lukewarm for matchups that haven’t gotten the casual fan excited. […]

TCU to the Big East

Can’t say that this was unexpected, given that TCU changes conferences more often than some people change clothes. TCU, located “Where the West Begins,” is headed east. To the Big East Conference, to be exact. The school announced Monday that it has accepted an invitation to join the conference in 2012. All sports will participate […]

Time for the annual “Someone said something stupid about the BCS” kerfuffle

I was going to write something about Ohio State President Gordon Gee and his obnoxious remarks about Boise State, TCU, and the BCS, but Mean Green Cougar Red covered all the of the ground that I would have, so I’ll just point you to him. I have two rooting interests in college football: The Rice […]

Is the Big XII in UH’s future?

Now that we know the Big XII will survive, one question that now arises is whether it will try to replace defectors Nebraska and Colorado, and if so with which teams. Already, there’s a drumbeat for UH being included. Richard Justice runs out to the front of the parade. The Big 12 almost certainly will […]

The Baylor-PAC 10 emails

It’s impossible to keep up with all of the Big 12/PAC 10/Big 10 stuff, and the many possible permutations of what could happen, but I was amused by the emails from a Baylor regent trying to whip up support for their inclusion in any mass migration to the PAC 16 over Colorado. Wrote [Baylor regent […]

Playoff PAC

The battle for a college football playoff took to the air this week. Playoff PAC says it will run the 30-second ads in Dallas-Fort Worth and Boise, Idaho, into the homes of fans of TCU (12-0) and Boise State (13-0), who face off Monday night in the Fiesta Bowl. The ads also will run in […]

Who you calling not a real Texan?

I can never tell if Richard Justice is being serious or silly – it’s too hard to tell the difference with him – so if this is intended as a joke, then I guess it’s on me. If he really means it, then all I can say is “WTF?” Whether you attended UH or A&M, […]

More heat on the BCS

I realize there are about a billion higher priorities for the President and the Congress to be dealing with these days, but I still really enjoy watching these guys squirm. At a hearing Friday before the House subcommittee on commerce, trade and consumer protection, three members of Congress decried the manner in which college football […]

The Lege versus the BCS

It’s always heartwarming to see the Lege pay attention to the really important stuff. Take a look at HCR35, for the purpose of “Urging the institution of a playoff system to decide the NCAA football national championship in place of the current Bowl Championship Series.” According to the text of the resolution – note that […]