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Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

Many non-existent Bigfoot sightings happen in Texas

Happy hunting, I guess.

Steve Austin knows the truth

Bigfoot walks among us here in Texas. Or at least that’s what researchers tracking the elusive beast would have us believe.

Recently, Travel Channel published a list of the eight best places to catch a glimpse of Bigfoot using “never-before-released data” from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO).

According to Travel Channel, “This exclusive tracking information comes from BFRO’s Follow-up Log and Tracking System (FLATS) – the world’s ultimate sasquatch database of compiled sightings and testimonies.”

After analyzing the 23,000 sightings across the country, Travel Channel came up with a list of the eight states with the highest likelihood of having your own Bigfoot encounter.

According to that list, there’s a good chance you might see ‘Squatch out and about taking in the Texas scenery.

I mean, it only makes sense. Texas is a big state, both geographically and population-wise. I’m sure the odds of spotting fairies, Santa Claus, and all three of Daenarys’ dragons are higher here than anywhere else, too. It’s just how it should be. Patch has more.