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On voter confidence

There was one more interesting aspect to that poll of Harris County from last week, and it had to do with how confident voters were that the vote they cast would be counted. This KUHF story goes into that result. A new KUHF/KHOU poll shows that black voters aren’t as confident as other voters that […]

Obama leads in poll of Harris County

More polling goodness for you. The poll conducted for KHOU 11 News and KUHF Houston Public Radio indicates Obama leads Romney in Harris County, but not by much. That gives some indication how election night might go for politicians running for offices that are down the ballot. The poll shows the president leading in Harris […]

KHOU polls the Mayor’s race

We have our first published poll of the season. Mayor Annise Parker, leading the city during an era of budget cutbacks and high unemployment, has the lowest approval ratings of any Houston mayor in decades. That’s the striking headline popping out of an exclusive poll conducted less than a month before the city’s Election Day. […]

Accidents down overall in Houston

I know I said I was done litigating the red light camera question, and I am, I swear it, but I can’t let this pass without comment. Automobile accidents on Houston streets have declined 13 percent in the last five months, mirroring a trend noted in other major Texas cities, according to police and state […]

The revised red light camera study

Last week, when I wrote about the anti-red light camera folks turning in their petition signatures, I noted that the Chron story referenced an update to the January 2009 study about the effect of cameras on the collision rate at the monitored intersections. That study reported an overall increase in collisions at all intersections, whether […]

More on city term limits

Here’s the Chron story about the 2010 term limits survey and recommendations by the Term Limits Commission. Of interest is what the immediate prospects are for action by City Council. [Dr. Robert] Stein, a commission member who has polled voters on the question of term limits, said at Tuesday’s meeting that he did not believe […]

You want more information about term limits?

Of course you do. And I’ve got you covered. Via email from Robert Stein, I give you the following: – A research paper from 2002, co-authored by Dr. Stein, called “Public Support for Term Limits: Another Look at Conventional Thinking”. It’s a fairly technical overview of research on people’s attitudes towards term limits. The main […]

City to release documents related to red light camera study

They’re being ordered to do so by a judge, but it doesn’t look like they’re particularly bothered by it. Paul Kubosh and Randall Kallinen filed a lawsuit challenging the city’s refusal to release 208 documents they requested under the Texas Public Information Act, many of them internal city communications and e-mails to and from the […]

Safe Clear reduces wrecks

So says a study commissioned by the city. Houston’s mandatory towing program has continued to reduce crashes on the city’s freeways, according to a city-commissioned study released Monday. The study examined the effect of the Safe Clear program from 2005 through 2008. It found there were 120 fewer accidents per month, on average, compared to […]

And the answer is…more cameras (maybe)

Well, there is some logic to it. The Houston Police Department is considering changes — possibly even expansion — to its red-light camera program after a city-commissioned study showed that crashes went up at intersections where the devices have been installed. “What we’re concerned about is safety, safety, safety at these intersections,” said Executive Assistant […]

Critics claim camera study shenanigans

So what else is new? The Houston Police Department tried to influence the outcome of a controversial city-commissioned study by changing how crashes at intersections with red-light cameras were counted, according to documents included in a lawsuit. HPD’s request was refused by the study’s authors, however, who concluded the number of accidents at 50 intersections […]