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Friday random ten: My year in music, part 1

Among other things, 2014 was a year in which I acquired a lot of music. Some of this was music I wanted and got for myself, but a lot of it was music that one or both girls asked for. There were enough new tunes that I’m going to break this up into two post, […]

Saturday video break: I’ll be in Scotland afore ye

Have you ever heard the expression “You take the high road, and I’ll take the low road”, and wondered where it came from? It’s from a traditional song called “Loch Lomond”. Coverville had a great version of it recently. I love a sad song with a good melody. Googling around, I saw on the Wikipedia […]

Saturday video break: Killing Me Softly

Song #33 on the Popdose Top 100 Covers list is “Killing Me Softly”, originally by Lori Lieberman and covered by The Fugees. Here’s the original: This one I have heard before, on an episode of Coverville. For some reason, I was under the belief that this song was written as a reaction to Don McLean’s […]

Friday random ten: Closing ceremonies

Inspired by this, here’s one last Olympics-themed Random Ten: 1. Bicycle Race – Queen 2. Holy Diver – Dio 3. The Boxer – Simon and Garfunkel 4. Born To Run – Bruce Springsteen 5. Jump – Big Daddy 6. Nightswimming – You Say Party! We Say Die! 7. If I Had A Hammer – Pete […]

Saturday video break: Bizarre Love Triangle

Song #88 on the Popdose Top 100 Covers list is “Bizarre Love Triangle”, originally by New Order and covered by Frente. Here’s the original: That’s kind of an unsatisfying version of the song – there’s something off about the audio, the singer’s level is too low, and it cut off at the end. Here’s a […]

Saturday video break: The accordion is God’s great gift to humanity

You know what you need today? I’ll tell you what you need today: A Ukrainian folk version of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”, that’s what. Seriously, if the Internet didn’t exist, we’d have to invent it just for stuff like this. Many thanks to Coverville for the find.

Saturday video break: Never was a cloudy day

Got myself another iTunes gift card for Christmas this year, and I’ve decided that I’m going to spend some of that money on songs from the 2009 Coverville Countdown. That’s the top 40 cover songs as voted by the listeners. This one, a cover of Earth Wind & Fire’s “September” by Pomplamoose, came in at […]

Saturday video break: One man band

Ever see a one-man band, where one dude, usually a street musician, plays a bunch of instruments at once? It’s impressive in a way, but usually (to me, anyway) more hokey than remarkable. Here’s an example of something that truly is an achievement in multi-tasking: Pretty damn cool, if you ask me. Learn more about […]

Seeking iTunes help again

Last year, I asked for help buying music from the iTunes store, as I’d been given a gift card for Christmas. I scored some more gift cards this year, so I’m back asking for more help. You’ve got a decent idea of my taste in music from the various Friday Random Ten postings I’ve done, […]