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Today is Election Day

From the inbox: Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart urges voters to prepare before heading to vote on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. “Harris County Voters can find their Election Day polling location and review the list of acceptable forms of identification required to vote by visiting” Unlike Early Voting, on Election Day, voters are required […]

Today is Runoff Day

From the inbox: Runoff Election Day is Saturday, Dec. 12 for citizens registered to vote within the legal boundaries of the City of Houston and Houston ISD Trustee District II and III. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. “I encourage every eligible voter to do their homework on the candidates and […]

Election Day: Get yourself to the polls

From County Clerk Stan Stanart: Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart strongly encourages citizens who plan to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 3 to be prepared before voting on Election Day. “It is very important for voters to know the answers to Where, When, Who and What before heading to the polls on Election Day,” said Stanart, […]

Special Election Day for SD26, HD123, and HD17

At long last, we have some endorsements. The Express News recommends TMF for SD26. Martinez Fischer has demonstrated distinctive leadership that makes him the clear-cut choice for the Senate. Early in his career, Martinez Fischer stirred the pot ineffectively. The 44-year-old lawyer admits he is “rough around the edges,” but he learned his legislative lessons […]

Runoff Day is finally here

It’s the day on which the toxic idiocy of the GOP runoffs for Lt. Governor and Attorney General finally come to an end and we get a brief respite before the general election gets into full swing. But first, you have to vote if you didn’t vote early, and that means you have to find […]

Today is Runoff Day in SD06

From the inbox: Harris County’s Chief Election Official Stan Stanart reminds eligible voters in State Senate District 6 that the last day to vote in the Special Runoff Election is Saturday, March 2, 2013. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and voters must vote at their precinct polling location. “If you […]

It’s Sylvia versus Carol in the runoff

Pretty much as expected. Here’s the vote totals from the County Clerk: Candidate Votes Pct ========================= Garcia 7,416 45.37 Alvarado 6,803 41.62 Bray 1,014 6.20 Olmos 461 2.82 Martinez 403 2.47 Reyes 125 0.76 Selva 73 0.45 Delgado 52 0.32 Two points of interest here. One is that the Election Day vote total was 7,747, […]

Election Day in SD06

It’s highly unlikely that this will settle anything, but today is Election Day in SD06. If you live in SD06 and have waited till today to cast your ballot, you can find your polling place here or here. I’ve already done my spiel about turnout and finance reports, so let’s see what the media has […]

Today’s the day

At long last, the death march known as Election 2012 will come to an end today, at which time we can begin gearing up for the next elections in 2013, 2014, and 2016, as well as dreading what the Legislature has in store for us. If you haven’t already voted, you can find your Harris […]

Runoff Day today

Today is Runoff Day for the city of Houston. If you have not already voted in the City Council runoff elections, you have until 7 PM to do so. Go to and use the “Find Your Election Day Poll” option to determine where to cast your ballot. You don’t have to have voted in […]

Final early vote totals for the 2011 runoff

Here’s the final early vote tally for the 2011 City of Houston runoffs. A total of 23,030 in person and absentee ballots were cast in Harris County. Add in Fort Bend and the absentee stragglers, and I figure maybe 23,500 total early votes. For comparison, there were 25,382 votes cast in total for the 2007 […]

Your annual reminder that every vote matters

HISD Trustee, District III results, with 38 of 38 precincts reporting: Manuel Rodriguez 2,401 50.25% Ramiro Fonseca 2,377 49.75% There were 653 undervotes in this race, and turnout in the district was 11.61%. Fonseca carried Election Day by 78 votes, but had trailed by 102. At one point during the count, the Clerk had Fonseca […]

Election Day 2011

I’m sure you already know this, but today is the day to vote if you haven’t done so already. For Harris County, you can find your polling place here. You do not need any more identification than you’ve always needed, which is to say that your voter registration card is sufficient. Despite its earlier documentation […]

Opening thoughts on the carnage

In no particular order… – Republicans gain 22 seats in the State House, for a 99-51 advantage. That’s with Pete Gallego, Hubert Vo, and Donna Howard, all of whom had been trailing early, coming back to win. Howard’s margin of victory is a microscopic 15 votes, so she’ll have to survive a recount. No Republican […]

Electronic voting will be the norm today

From the County Clerk’s office: ELECTRONIC VOTING TO BE THE PRINCIPAL METHOD OF VOTING ON ELECTION DAY IN HARRIS COUNTY Houston, TX– As usual, on General Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010, the eSlate electronic voting system will be the principal method of voting in Harris County. According to the County Clerk’s office, the deployment […]

From the “Grant me the grace to accept the things I cannot change” department

What’s that old saying? “Could be worse. Could be raining.” As Democrats around the country girded for a midterm GOP tsunami, Bill White and his down-ballot Democratic cohorts spent the weekend tacking up political plywood and looking for signs, any signs, that the storm would not be as severe as the prognosticators were predicting. One […]

Runoff wrapup

Here are the Republican and Democratic runoff results from yesterday. With the exception of Marc Brown, who came from behind to defeat Danny Dexter in the GOP runoff for the 180th Criminal District Court, everyone who led in early voting won. In the one statewide contest, the establishment-backed Debra Lehrmann, a family court judge from […]

Runoff results

Going by early vote totals, it seems likely that the remaining Democratic nominees will be Tanner Garth, Bob Thomas, Bruce Kessler, and Deborah Wright. On the Republican side, Danny Dexter and James Lombardino look to be in good shape for their judicial races, while Dan Huberty has the inside track for HD127, and Jared Woodfill […]

Runoff Day is today

Polls are open from 7 AM to 7 PM today. There aren’t many voting locations, so check where you need to vote before you head out. The Republican Party will open 72 polling locations and the Democratic Party 77. The runoff elections will decide 15 contests in which a candidate did not receive a majority […]

Following the election results

I’ll be at my precinct convention tonight, and after that I’ll be off to at least one results-watching event. I hope to post some results this evening, and whatever I don’t get to I’ll post in the morning. Obviously, there’s a lot of races, so have patience with me. Or just skip the middleman and […]

Election Day voting locations

For those of you who prefer old-school Election Day voting, here are your precinct locations for Tuesday: Democratic Primary Republican primary Note that some precincts only have one party or the other at them. Primaries are run by the respective parties, and if there aren’t enough voters at a given location for a party, they’ll […]

Initial thoughts on the runoffs

I’ll go through them one race at a time, with the unofficial vote totals minus Montgomery County for each. Once I have precinct results, I’ll go through those and do a more detailed analysis. Mayor Annise Parker – 81,971, 52.78% Gene Locke – 73,331, 47.22% This was perhaps a bit closer than one might have […]

Runoff results open thread

As tonight is Lights in the Heights, I will be paying attention to things other than election results this evening. Assuming you’re not at an election night party, you can follow results as they are posted here or on the interwebs in various places like Mayoral Musings, Houston Politics, KHOU, and on Twitter via the […]

Vote today!

Today is Runoff Day. If you did not vote during Early Voting, this is your lasr chance. The following is from the Harris County Clerk’s office: Harris County Clerk Beverly Kaufman, the chief elections officer of the County, made available a list of important election related facts voters should be aware of as they go […]

It’s all about Roy

This article is supposedly about how Annise Parker and Gene Locke have started to get their campaigns back on track for the runoff, but the vast majority of it is about Roy Morales, who is apparently the most famous fourth-place finisher ever. Annise Parker and Gene Locke, contenders in a Dec. 12 runoff, were favorites […]

Election results thread

It’s gonna be a long night…Here are the early vote results from Harris County. Candidate Votes Pct ========================= Locke 17,183 28.76 Parker 17,169 28.74 Brown 15,387 25.75 Morales 9,451 15.82 Green 19,389 39.97 Holm 16,939 32.26 Khan 15,631 29.77 That’s Harris County early and absentee votes only. Fort Bend is here, though there are fewer […]

Twenty percent

Turnout projections for this election, originally at 25%, are being revised downward as polling places report slow going. Richard Murray, political science professor at the University of Houston, said the 25 percent turnout estimate may be optimistic. At midday, he lowered his expectation to 20 percent. “It’s surprising to me that it’s so low,” he […]

Election Day

You know the drill by now. You can find polling locations here, and you can see a Google map and download a spreadsheet of voting locations in the open Council districts at Greg’s place. The Tax Assessor’s office would like you to know that they are available to help if you have any questions as […]

Early voting: Out with a bang

Today was by far the heaviest day of Early Voting, with 17,072 ballots cast, which is nearly as much as Wednesday and Thursday combined, and also nearly as much as the final day of 2003. In the end, 71,368 in-person ballots and 9,148 absentee ballots were cast, for a total of 80,516; the comparable numbers […]

Early voting: One more day

Tomorrow is the last day of early voting. If you haven’t voted by 7 PM on Friday, you’ll need to show up at your precinct polling location on Tuesday to have a say in this election. Here’s a press release from County Clerk Beverly Kaufman with some information about how things will be on Tuesday: […]

Gonzalez wins in District H

In the end, it wasn’t that close. Houston police officer Ed Gonzalez won the runoff special election to fill Houston City Council District H Saturday, defeating former high school teacher and City Council staffer Maverick Welsh. Although the campaign was hard fought, with both candidates personally knocking on thousands of doors and calling registered voters […]

Runoff Day in District H

Today is Runoff Day for the District H special election. Polls are open from 7 AM till 7 PM. Voting locations are here; if you’re not sure what precinct you’re in, go here. Early voting was heavier than I expected it would be, so I’m very curious to see if that carries over to today’s […]

Ed and Maverick in District H

Vote today

Today is Election Day for many places in Texas. They’re electing new Mayors in Austin and San Antonio, along with the regularly scheduled municipal elections in those cities and others. Here in Houston, it’s showtime for the District H special election. I’ve cast my vote already, since I prefer early voting. If you haven’t done […]