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As go gas prices, so goes interest in transit

It is what it is. Cheap gasoline has Texans driving more, indicating that efforts to promote mass transit or bicycle commuting are falling short, a new statewide poll suggests. As folks hit the road, though, they are increasingly supportive of investment in transit and bike safety, even if perhaps they’d rather see others try it […]

Mapping oil usage

From the Natural Resources Defense Council America buys 18.8 million barrels of petroleum products every day, accounting for more than 20% of all global usage. This can drain roughly $1 billion on average every day out of the economy. This oil use also accounts for more than a quarter of the heat-trapping carbon pollution emitted […]

New flash: We spend a lot on gas

No surprise, Texans are more vulnerable to gas price increases than people in most other states. While most Americans felt the pinch of higher gasoline prices in 2008, drivers in Texas paid an especially heavy toll, according to a national study released Tuesday. Texans on average spent 6.8 percent of their household income, or $2,622, […]

So much for the Fort Bend-Medical Center shuttle

Well, that didn’t last long. After just six months, the Texas Medical Center has pulled the plug on subsidized express bus service to and from Fort Bend County. Fort Bend County Commissioners Court members approved an agreement with the Houston medical center in July, which was touted as a way to provide cheap transportation to […]