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On getting to walkable urbanism

This story about neighborhood opposition to the Kroger 380 agreement doesn’t quite get at what I think are the key issues that need to be discussed. [O]pponents of both the Wal-Mart and Kroger deals say suburban-style big-box stores don’t fit a widely-held urban vision for Washington Avenue Corridor. They’d like to see more incentives offered […]

The Ainbinder traffic impact analysis for the Height Wal-Mart

When last we discussed the Heights Wal-Mart development, we were awaiting a traffic impact analysis (TIA) on the roads around the site, which was to be done on behalf of Ainbinder, the developer of the project. For your perusal, here is the TIA of the Wal-Mart development. I want to quote you a paragraph from […]

Where’s Wal-Mart?

Wal-Mart has bought a tract of land near the Heights. The store would be part of a larger development just south of Interstate 10 near the northwest intersection of Yale and Center. […] A development site plan obtained by the Houston Chronicle shows a 152,015-square-foot Walmart flanked by a parking lot for 664 cars and […]

CIP meeting for District H

I don’t know how widespread the email distribution list is for this sort of thing, so consider this to be a public service announcement for District H in Houston: City of Houston Capital Improvement Plan Meeting for District H Hosted by Council Member At Large Melissa Noriega and City of Houston officials Thursday, January 29, […]