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Runoff watch: Judicial races

There are three District Court race runoffs on the Democratic side, and two Court of Criminal Appeals runoffs for the Republicans. There are also a few Justice of the Peace runoffs, but I’ll deal with them in another post. 11th Civil District Court – Democratic Kristem Hawkins led this three-candidate race by a wide margin, […]

Endorsement watch: Bell for King

As the headline notes, this came as a surprise to many. Former Congressman Chris Bell publicly backed fiscal conservative Bill King in the Houston mayoral runoff Tuesday, a move that could bolster King’s efforts to make inroads with progressive voters. Bell’s endorsement came as a surprise to many political insiders expecting the progressive former mayoral […]

Endorsement watch: The score so far

We’ve had a slew of endorsements for municipal races this past week. I’ve been keeping track of them as best I can on my 2015 Election page. This isn’t always easy to do, because some groups are not very good at posting their endorsements anywhere. I gather, for example, that the HPFFA has made endorsements, […]

Defending HERO

It’s a big job, but we can get it done. “We’re going to do everything we can to win HERO at the ballot box,” [Houston GLBT Political Caucus] president Maverick Welsh said. It would be Houstonians’ third time voting on protections or benefits for gays, which they rejected in 1985 and again in 2001. Then, […]

Seeking GLBT support in the Mayor’s race

In a crowded field where a small number of votes could be the difference between making the runoff and not, endorsements will be of greater importance. One endorsement that several Mayoral candidates would really like to have if the endorsement of the HGLBT Political Caucus. Houston’s mayoral candidates are angling for the GLBT Caucus’ coveted […]

Counting votes on the non-discrimination ordinance

From the Houston GLBT Political Caucus Facebook page: Members have asked for the responses on our questionnaires to the questions below. The President of the Caucus, Maverick Welsh, has asked me to post the information. As the chair of the Screening Committee, I have reviewed the questionnaires from 2013 and below is the result: Mayor–We […]

Enforcing non-discrimination

In her annual State of the City address, Mayor Parker put a long-awaited item on the table. Mayor Annise Parker on Thursday said she would create a human rights commission to review violations of anti-discrimination laws, saying just talking about equality in the nation’s most diverse city is not enough. “We don’t care where you […]

Endorsement watch: Kim Ogg for DA

The Chronicle gives a ringing endorsement to Kim Ogg in the Democratic primary for District Attorney. Ogg has experience as a board-certified felony prosecutor, but she also has the broad view that comes from serving as director of Houston’s first anti-gang task force. After overseeing a 40 percent drop in gang violence, Ogg went to […]

Ben Hall comes out against LGBT rights

I can honestly say I’m not surprised by this. Mayoral candidate Ben Hall spoke to KUHF this morning and (finally) spoke publicly regarding issues of equality for the LGBT community. Hall not only came out staunchly against introducing and implementing a non-discrimination ordinance in Houston, but also in repealing the Executive Order 150. Unfortunately for […]

Endorsement watch: GLBT Caucus and HSYD

We are entering the part of the election cycle where groups are making their endorsements. One of the first out of the box is the Houston GLBT Political Caucus, which held its endorsement meeting on Saturday night. Here’s their press release, sent late Monday night: 150 members of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus met on […]

Endorsement watch: GLBT Caucus for Sylvia

From the inbox: The Caucus membership met Wednesday evening to consider endorsement for the vacancy in Senate District 6 created by the passing of Senator Mario Gallegos. Members had to make a very difficult decision between two amazingly qualified and pro-equality candidates, former County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia and State Representative Carol Alvarado. After a lengthy […]

The truth is out there on the Ministers for Keryl email

In response to my previous post about the homophobic “Ministers for Keryl” email, a couple of commenters said that we didn’t have enough evidence to determine whether or not the email was genuine or spoofed. So, based on that feedback I’m going to provide as much information as I can to see what we can […]

Non-discrimination ballot referendum coming

I’ve been waiting for this. Activists are preparing a petition to put a referendum on Houston’s November ballot, calling for a ban on discrimination against gays and permission for the city to grant health insurance benefits to the unmarried partners of city employees. If organizers collect the 20,000 signatures needed to get it on the […]

Sometimes an apology isn’t enough

That’s what we tell our kids when they do something particularly egregious. It’s what I would tell Manuel Rodriguez, too. The day after he retained his Houston school board seat by just 24 votes, Trustee Manuel Rodriguez formally apologized for a campaign brochure he distributed last week that many described as homophobic. “I am aware […]

HISD Trustee Rodriguez sends anti-gay mailer

I figured there was going to be more anti-gay stuff in this election. I just wasn’t expecting it in an HISD Trustee race. Some Houston residents are calling for the resignation of Trustee Manuel Rodriguez from the Houston school board after the incumbent distributed a campaign flyer to his constituents earlier this week that included […]

Interview with Jenifer Rene Pool

We now turn our attention to the last open seat for this year, At Large #2, where a diverse group of candidates are vying to succeed CM Sue Lovell. First up is Jenifer Rene Pool, a community activist and business owner who serves on the Building & Standards Commission and the Police Advisory Committee. She […]

Responding to The Response

I almost forgot that Rick Perry’s Prayerpalooza, also known as The Response, is this weekend. Fortunately, some other folks are more on the ball than I am about this. On Tuesday, more than 50 Houston-area religious and community leaders disseminated a signed statement drafted by the Anti-Defamation League expressing “deep concern” about a prayer rally […]

More pushback on Perry’s choice of prayer partner

Glad to see it. Gov. Rick Perry’s Aug. 6 day of prayer and fasting at Reliant Stadium is generating significant heat nationwide, with critics protesting the exclusively Christian focus of the event and Perry’s partnership with the controversial American Family Association, which advocates against gay rights. Expressing objections on a variety of religious and cultural […]

Judge rules against Nikki Araguz

This is unfortunate. A judge has ruled that the marriage between a Wharton fire captain killed in the line of duty and his transgender wife was not legal, an attorney in the case said Tuesday. Frank Mann III, one of the attorneys representing family members of Thomas Trevino Araguz III, said he had received notice […]

Unfinished business

One thing that stood out to me from the Chron’s Q&A with Noel Freeman, the newly-elected president of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus: Q. What has changed about Houston’s GLBT community in past three decades? A. We have branched out. People recognize Montrose as kind of the historical center of the gay community in Houston, […]

Jenifer Pool announces for Council

We have another contender for the one At Large Council seat that will be open next fall, former Houston GLBT Political Caucus President Jenifer Pool. From her press release, which I received late Wednesday: Jenifer Rene Pool announced her candidacy for Houston City Council, At-Large Position 2 on Saturday, October 2 at a gathering of […]

HGLBT Political Caucus issues resolution in favor of immigration reform

From the inbox: GLBT CAUCUS COMES OUT FOR IMMIGRATION REFORM The membership of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus voted overwhelmingly Wednesday for a resolution (attached) making a strong statement in favor of comprehensive immigration reform. “We, as a civil rights movement, see the immigration reform movement in the same light,” said Kris Banks, Caucus president. […]

Runoff endorsement watch: DFH and HGLBTPC

There are five local runoffs for the Democratic primary, so we should expect to see updated endorsements from various groups soon. Two of them have already issued theirs. First up, wasting no time at all, is Democracy for Houston: DEMOCRACY FOR HOUSTON met Wednesday, March 3rd to issue endorsements in the April 13th Democratic Primary […]

Endorsement watch: Going mobile

This is very cool. From the inbox: CAUCUS PAC INTRODUCES MOBILE ENDORSEMENT CARD Pro-equality voters in Houston are used to turning to the Houston GLBT Political Caucus PAC endorsement card for the candidates most qualified and most ready to address the concerns of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, whether they get the card […]

Endorsement watch: HGLBT Political Caucus on non-judicial races

Fresh from the inbox: CAUCUS PAC ENDORSES IN MARCH PRIMARIES The Houston GLBT Political Caucus PAC endorsed in contested races for the March 2010 primaries this week in two membership meetings. “We are very excited about these candidates,” said Kris Banks, Caucus president. “Government officials have a profound effect on the lives of our community. […]

Endorsement watch: HGLBT Political Caucus and judicial races

I don’t have a press release yet, but via email from Kris Banks, the President of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus, here are the endorsements the Caucus has made in Harris County Democratic Party judicial primaries: 113th Civil District Court Christina Bryan 157th Civil District Court Chuck Silverman 180th Criminal District Court Lori Gooch 189th […]

Hotze endorses Locke

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for, and now it’s on its way to a mailbox near you, as local hatemeister Steven Hotze has endorsed candidates in all six City of Houston runoffs and sent a mail piece out touting his preferred slate. Martha has all of the scans of the mailers. Pay particular attention […]

Endorsement watch: HGLBT Political Caucus on Controller and Council races

From Wednesday night’s meeting of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus: The Houston Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgendered Political Caucus met on Wednesday evening to endorse candidates in the 2009 Houston municipal elections as well as HISD Board of Trustee elections. Those candidates screened and then endorsed by majority vote of the membership assembled are: Ronald […]


So yesterday was the annual Pride parade in Houston. It was greeted by this sweet article in the lifestyle section. Today’s Pride Festival will celebrate the diversity of the Houston area’s thriving gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. That diversity includes the determinedly domestic life that Ben Austin and Bill Thomasson have carved out with […]

Union Bar reaches resolution with GLBT community

Via press release from the HGLBT Political Caucus, it looks like we have a resolution to the incident at the Union Bar: Representatives from Union Bar and Lounge met with leaders from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community at the office of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus Monday and reached a resolution that actions […]

More on the Union Bar

KHOU has a story on the incident at Union Bar on Friday. [T]he bar’s owner said it was all a big misunderstanding, and apologized for the incident. He said since the bar opened late last fall, it has been booked solid with private parties. The bar is small, with a total occupancy of 117 people. […]

No service for gays

I’d heard bits about this last night on Twitter, but via an email from Carl Whitmarsh I’ve learned the details of a nasty little incident. The following is a press release from the Houston GLBT Political Caucus: Nearly 100 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people were refused entry to Union Bar and Lounge in Midtown […]

More SJL rumors

Marc Campos stirs the pot. Commentary votes in the 18th Congressional District so I kind of think I know what I’m talking about when I say that I don’t know if Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s reelection in 2010 would be a slam dunk deal. Discussion of her reelection chances come up in conversations with African […]

Parker to announce for Mayor today

City Controller Annise Parker will formally announce has candidacy for Mayor today. “Houstonians want a mayor who can lead the city through tough economic times, and a mayor who can continue our forward progress with jobs and neighborhoods,” she said in an interview last week. “I have the skill set to do these things,” she […]