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No, Texans!

If you regularly see Metro buses around town, you might have noticed that during the football season they will sometimes display “GO TEXANS!” on their marquees, rotating with their route information. They display similar messages for other local teams during their seasons as well. Harris County Treasurer Orlando Sanchez wants them to stop doing that. […]

You simply must see us this year

The New York Times commands you. Houston is probably best known as the Texan center for energy and industry, but it’s making a bid to be the state’s cultural and culinary capital as well. The Houston Museum District is a formidable coterie of institutions that includes the Rothko Chapel, the Museum of African American Culture, […]

Time to vote for the new corpse flower name

You may recall that the Houston Museum of Natural Science has a new corpse flower to go with its star attraction Lois, and they have a contest going on to name the newbie. They’ve narrowed things down to five finalists, and they need your help picking the winner. Help decide the name of our new […]

Name the new Corpse Flower

The Houston Museum of Natural Science needs your help. You remember Lois the Corpse Flower, right? Of course you do. Because no one could forget our favorite stinky plant! As it turns out, the fine folks at CultureMap – the home of @CorpzFlowrLois tweeter @stevenjthomson – received a Corpse Flower as a gift after Lois’ […]

“Born To Be Wild”

The family and I had the chance to see a preview of “Born To Be Wild”, a 3D IMAX movie at the Museum of Natural Science about saving orphaned elephants and orangutans on Thursday evening. We all loved it. I knew pretty much nothing about what the childhood (for lack of a better term) of […]

Saturday video break: I’m just a mean green mutha from outer space

I can’t be the only person who has followed the story of Lois the corpse flower to think of this, can I? (Warning: Some naughty words in the video.) Now, now, I know fully well that Lois is not in fact a bloodthirsty, man-eating space alien bent on world domination. But you have to admit, […]

Archaeopteryx chat

And now, a brief moment of Science from HMNS: On Thursday, June 17, from 10 – 10:45 a.m., HMNS is hosting a live online discussion with paleontologist Pete Larson, president of the Black Hills Institute. Pete will be discussing his new research into the Thermopolis Archaeopteryx fossil that is currently on display at HMNS – […]

It’s magic

I’ve always been a fan of magic acts – I still remember seeing Doug Henning’s “The Magic Show” on Broadway with my dad when I was a kid – so I’m really excited about Magic!, the new exhibit at HMNS. Running through Sept. 6, the exhibit illuminates the craft of the world’s greatest magicians, from […]

Sneak preview of HMNS Sugar Land facility

You may have heard that the Houston Museum of Natural Science will be opening a site in Sugar Land on October 3. If you’re in the are Thursday afternoon, you can get a sneak preview of it as they finish up construction. Here are the details if you’re interested. Join the Houston Museum of Natural […]

Terra Cotta Warriors

I got a chance to get a sneak peek of the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit at HMNS last week, and it was awesome. I confess, I knew nothing about this beforehand; Tiffany, who has a vivid childhood memory of a National Geographic edition from around the time of their discovery, was much more familiar with […]

The new Hermann Park train

All aboard! Hermann Park Conservancy on Saturday will formally unveil $14 million in park improvements, including a new miniature train station, dramatically landscaped grounds and a lakeside plaza featuring a restaurant, gift shop and rest­rooms. Among other project highlights for the 6-acre tract adjoining the northeastern edge of McGovern Lake, said conservancy executive director Doreen […]

Good times and bad for museums

Nice to hear that a couple of local museums are thriving in these hard times. Sadly, they’re very much the exception. On the heels of the March 14 opening of a seven-gallery addition to its Hermann Park-area building, the [Children’s Museum of Houston] this week announced plans to add 25 positions to its 177-member workforce. […]