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What the Harvey needs are from the state

It’s not just about recovery. The long term needs, including mitigation against future events like Harvey, is where the real money will need to be spent. More than one month after Harvey’s deluge hit, local officials, including Mayor Sylvester Turner and Harris County Judge Ed Emmett, testified at a state House of Representatives Appropriations Committee […]

What will we do with the hardest hit schools?

The Houston area was inundated by floods during Harvey. As bad as that was and is, we weren’t affected by the wind. The coastal region is dealing with that, and it’s a very tough road they have ahead of them. Hundreds of students languish at home, still out of school weeks after Hurricane Harvey made […]

White nationalist rally at A&M canceled

I’ve been on the road with limited Internet access, so I’m just now catching up on recent events. Unlike our garbage president, I wholeheartedly condemn the appalling racist violence committed in Charlottesville by a bunch of Nazi scum. As such, I was heartened to see this. A white nationalist rally planned on Texas A&M University’s […]

Reps. Otto and Marquez join the retirement list

Another committee chair bows out. After a decade in the Texas House and fresh off his first session as chairman of the powerful Appropriations Committee, state Rep. John Otto, R-Dayton, announced Tuesday that he is not planning to seek re-election. “I want to thank the voters of House District 18 for their support and encouragement […]

Saving SD10 and other benchmarks

The Observer looks at the race to succeed Wendy Davis in SD10. It’s a steamy, hot summer morning in the Metroplex, and at the Dixie House, a Southern-style diner in east Ft. Worth where gravy flows like water, Libby Willis can’t find a moment to dig into her eggs and hash. She’s too excited about […]

On polls and turnout

So as you know, the latest YouGov poll came out on Friday, and it was ugly for Wendy Davis, showing an 18-point lead for Greg Abbott. PDiddie was despondent, EoW was trying to keep the faith, and Texpatriate was somewhere in between. I didn’t have a chance to say much about this poll in my […]

On defining success

It depends on what your goals are. Suppose you were a Texas Democrat and a realist. You want your candidates to win in November and to break the spirit-killing string of losses that started after the statewide elections in 1994. But you have been scratching for reasons that this year will be different, from the […]

More on LVdP for Lite Guv

Mostly from Monday’s Lone Star Project news roundup email. AP: Texas Democrats offering stark contrast. Texas voters won’t have a hard time telling the difference between the Republican and Democratic candidates next year. With the addition of San Antonio Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, attorney Sam Houston and party activist Steve Brown last week, the […]

Abbott is gearing up for Governor

I have two things to say about this. Gov. Rick Perry hasn’t yet said whether he’s running for re-election — but Attorney General Greg Abbott doesn’t appear to be waiting for him to make up his mind. Abbott is collecting résumés and assembling a gubernatorial campaign team. He’s shaking hands, giving speeches and edging his […]

Battlegound Texas officially launches

You have probably heard by now that Battleground Texas has officially launched. Spearheaded by organizers of Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012 — when Republican nominee Mitt Romney handily carried the Lone Star State — a new push, called “Battleground Texas,” officially launched Tuesday with the goal of seizing shifting demographics to make the state eventually […]

Yeah, it is too early to be polling for 2012

But that won’t stop anyone from doing them. 2012 could be the year Democrats are finally competitive for President in Texas…but only if the Republicans nominate Sarah Palin. There are vast differences in how the various different potential GOP contenders fare against Barack Obama in Texas. Mike Huckabee is very popular in the state and […]

KBH will not run in 2012

She finally says something definitive. Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison announced Thursday she won’t seek reelection, ending the uncertainty that had largely frozen a slate of Republicans contenders itching to replace her. In a statement, the three-term Republican who first won a special election in 1993, said her decision “would give the people of Texas […]

It’s always tease, tease, tease

I refer of course to the ongoing Waiting for KBH saga. Hutchison hasn’t said whether she’ll retire or seek re-election in 2012, but several prominent Texans — including Republicans such as former Secretary of State Roger Williams and Railroad Commissioners Michael Williams and Elizabeth Ames Jones, along with Democratic former Comptroller John Sharp — have […]

What’s next for Bill White?

Not a campaign. In the nearly two weeks since his decisive loss to Gov. Rick Perry, he’s had time to begin planning a family Christmas trip to a yet-to-be-decided Spanish-speaking country, to indulge his penchant for exploring new and interesting businesses and to begin thinking about what he wants to do next. He also has […]

Get ready for some Sharp-mentum

Towards the end of her column, Peggy Fikac reminds us that everything old will be new again in 2012. Here’s the text I got from former state Comptroller John Sharp on election night, as Democrats were going down in flames: “Number one Democrat is Jim Sharp.” Jim Sharp, a Texas Supreme Court candidate, got 37.25 […]

Roundup and reaction to White’s announcement

Bill White isn’t officially a candidate for Governor yet, but he’s already picked up endorsements from State Sens. Kirk Watson and Eliot Shapleigh. I feel confident that many more such endorsements will follow, perhaps even before he commits to the race. For now, at least, the other Democratic contenders for Governor are still in the […]

Sharp loans himself another bundle

Previously, we saw that Senate fundraising numbers for the third quarter were in. I noted that John Sharp reported raising $600,000, and I wondered if that was for real, or if once again he loaned himself a sizable chunk of that total. Though the page isn’t updated yet, I have my answer in the […]

Senate fundraising numbers are in

We know that Bill White raised $1.5 million this quarter for his Senate campaign. Now the other candidates’ totals have come in. White’s take of $1.5 million over the 90-day period ending Oct. 1 — including his personal donation of $414,398 — helped push the two-term mayor’s accumulated Senate campaign fundraising to more than $6 […]

White reports another strong fundraising quarter

Fresh from the inbox: To date, more than 5,000 supporters have contributed more than $6 million to Houston Mayor Bill White’s campaign since he announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate in December. The contributions for the filing period ending Sept. 30 totaled more than $1.5 million. In the last week of the quarter alone, supporters […]

Endorsement watch: A late roundup

Some recent endorsements in City elections over the past few days. Going back to last week, here are the endorsements from the Houston Black American Democrats (HBAD): Mayor – Gene Locke Controller – Ronald Green At Large #1 – Karen Derr At Large #2 – Andrew Burks At Large #3 – Melissa Noriega At Large […]

DSCC looks to Texas

Moe specifically, they’re looking at the Bill White campaign for a competitive race here. Democrats see political opportunity in Texas thanks to a departing Republican senator, a special election to replace her and Houston’s mayor bidding for her seat. Sen. Bob Menendez, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, said Tuesday Democrats could be on […]

Another Democratic gubernatorial hopeful

Well, you can’t say that the Democratic cast of characters for Governor lacks characters. Rick Perry might not be the only candidate in the 2010 race for Texas governor who is known for great hair. As the Republican governor with famously spiffy locks seeks re-election, the head of a Houston hair products company that Perry […]

Meeting Tom Schieffer

I had the opportunity to have lunch with Democatic gubernatorial candidate Tom Schieffer on Wednesday, along with several of my blogging colleagues (*). This was at his initiative, and I appreciated the opportunity to get to hear him speak. I’ll link to others’ reports as I see them, but the following is my own impressions. […]

Senate fundraising scorecard

We’ve seen campaign fundraising for city of Houston races and for state of Texas races, now let’s take a look at the Senate race, whenever that will be. Here’s what I’ve got for the major candidates via the FEC webpage: Elizabeth Ames Jones Total Receipts: $405,661 Transfers From Authorized Committees: $0 Individual Contributions: $404,411 Non-Party […]

From the “Reasons why KBH won’t resign” files

Gardner Selby notes that whenever Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison decides to resign from the Senate, Governor Perry controls the timing of the special election to replace her and can use it to help his preferred candidate. Under the law, if the governor determines that an emergency warrants holding a special election before the uniform election […]

We’ll know who’s running for what soon enough

Matt Glazer notes a Capitol Inside piece that suggests that State Sen. Kirk Watson is staying put, and that Houston Mayor Bill White will shift gears and run for Governor instead of Senate. As one who expected him to run for Governor, I can’t say I’d be disappointed by that turn of events. But the […]

Endorsement watch: Harris County Commissioners for Sharp

Senate candidate John Sharp has a press release out touting the endorsements of Harris County Commissioners Sylvia Garcia and El Franco Lee. It’s printed beneath the fold. As far as endorsements like these go, they’re pretty good gets – if nothing else, they give Sharp some key supporters in Bill White’s back yard, and should […]

Hutchison announces her intent to announce

Actually, what Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison wanted to tell us was that she had a lot of money available to her for her yet-to-be-announced gubernatorial bid (which, for what it’s worth, some people outside of Texas think she may yet wimp out on), even more than Rick Perry does. What she didn’t display was a […]

Governor’s race reaction roundup

Rachel rounds up a bunch of bloggers’ reactions to the various happenings among Democratic candidates, potential candidates, and former candidates for Governor. Couple of things to note: One, as KT points out, Ronnie Earle is still in the mix. And two, I think Burka’s take on Kirk Watson is very sharp. I realize there’s a […]

The latest Lyceum poll

The Texas Lyceum just released a poll on various campaigns and politicians, and well, I’m not sure that it says much of anything. I’ve got the PDF here, and the problems begin right away: We interviewed Texas adults during the June 5-12 period, talking to 860 adults, 51% female, and 49% male. Three out of […]

Cillizza on White

The WaPo’s Chris Cilizza surveys the Senate campaign scene, and makes an interesting comment about Texas: Democrats’ best opportunities to broaden the current playing field are in Louisiana and Texas. […] Texas is a bit more of a longshot although a special election race, which would be triggered by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s (R) resignation […]

“Texas Democrats’ First Truly Statewide Campaign of the 21st Century”

Go read Phillip’s analysis of the Bill White campaign and its effective and extensive use of social media. Good stuff, with lots to think about.

Houston’s budget

The Chron asks if the city of Houston’s budget is balanced, then answers that question with a “Well, maybe”. Does the city of Houston have a balanced budget? Like so many things in politics, it depends on whom you ask. For wealthy businessman Bill King or City Councilwoman Pam Holm, the answer is no, since […]

Cornyn clueless about KBH