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Weekend link dump for May 22

Apparently, John Stewart doesn’t think much of the coverage of this Presidential campaign. “People who think that important legislation gets passed by presidents making opening bids far outside the expected negotiating space have no idea how presidential power works. (And, for that matter, have no idea how negotiating works. If the Mariners phone up the […]

Weekend link dump for May 15

“The 500-euro note, the bill of choice for many criminals looking to transfer large amounts of money without the authorities knowing, is being eliminated.” “Among all these classes of professionals, all these institutions, that whole superstructure of US politics built around two balanced sides, there will be a tidal pull to normalize this election, to […]

Weekend link dump for May 8

I for one welcome our robot monk overlords. “There’s a sickness here. We’re covered with ticks. We call them trolls, and they are, but that’s also a way to dismiss them — as if they’re just cantankerous outliers hiding under bridges.” Two words: Chewbacca weevils. You’re welcome. “Here, then, are several Things I Have Learned […]

Weekend link dump for May 1

Is Gwyneth Paltrow wrong about everything? Signs point to Yes. “The emergence of companies as social activists is complicating traditional attitudes on both the left and the right.” “Wall Street executives would have to wait at least four years to collect most of their bonus pay and could be forced to return money if their […]

Weekend link dump for April 24

At some point, you’d think they’d have to actually find a Bigfoot, right? It’s time for Animaniacs once again. Has Carroll Spinney passed the torch on playing Big Bird and Oscar? You want to claim your product is “all natural”, you’re going to have to prove it. “Today, throughout white evangelicalism and the rest of […]

Weekend link dump for April 17

That Amazon Galaxy Quest project will sadly not be happening in part due to the death of Alan Rickman. A richly deserved honor for Sonia Manzano. I do love a good Joel Kotkin takedown, yes I do. What’s at stake in Texas’ lawsuit against the Obama immigration order, which will be heard by the Supreme […]

Weekend link dump for April 10

Lots of corporations are getting nervous about being involved with the Republican national convention. As well they should. “Thus, in America’s increasingly polarized political climate, the LDS Church has managed to do the impossible: maintain credibility among their ideological brethren (religious conservatives) while also winning praise from their political opponents (American progressives).” The gas station […]

Weekend link dump for April 3

“Why has marriage declined in America? Here’s my dorm room bull theory: it’s because men are pigs.” You kids today don’t know how good you’ve got it. In my day, we didn’t have illustrations by XKCD artist Randall Munroe in our science textbooks. Honestly, the real crime was renting Freddie Got Fingered in the first […]

Weekend link dump for March 27

“The genetic roots of today’s Irish, in other words, existed in Ireland before the Celts arrived.” That so-called VA “scandal” was a load of bollocks stirred up by the usual suspects. “The GOP is divided between those people — variously called the Tea Party or the base or the insurgents — and the rest of […]

Weekend link dump for March 20

Oh, just another massive Web vulnerability you need to worry about. Fifty things about Game of Thrones season 1, if you’re into that sort of thing. “That’s the paradox of I Am Cait. Jenner might not be a perfect spokesperson or advocate for trans rights herself, but she is still responsible for increasing trans visibility […]

Weekend link dump for March 13

High School Musical 4: The Next Generation is a thing that will happen, though not quite under that title. Rob Gronkowski is your new Mister Rogers. Sort of. “We found that people who eat chocolate at least once a week tend to perform better cognitively.” “David Alan Grier has been cast as the first African […]

Weekend link dump for March 6

OJ Simpson thinks that show about his murder trial makes him look way too guilty. Poor baby. Should we kill the C-note in the name of fighting crime? What Chad Orzel says. It’s OK for dead Republicans to vote. A few more reactions that Facebook forgot to add. Three words: Giant prehistoric armadillos. You’re welcome. […]

Weekend link dump for February 28

Depending on your outlook, tomorrow is either a bonus day in February, or an “oh my God this month isn’t over YET?” day. Further evidence to bolster the more lead = more crime hypothesis. Prince’s passport photo is better than yours. “Instead, the reality may be another kind of simple numbers game: More time in […]

Weekend link dump for February 21

The Recommended English Names for Fungi 2014 also serves as an excellent band name generator. I’m claiming “Blushing Rosette” while I still can. (Hat tip.) “Around 50,000 years ago, anatomically modern humans shacked up with some Neanderthals—and the genetic consequences are still doing a walk of shame through our generations.” “In fact, nearly every female […]

Weekend link dump for February 14

What Marcia Clark thinks of The People v. OJ Simpson. How Game of Thrones could have gone horribly wrong. “In a stunning trend with broad implications, the U.S. economy has grown significantly since 2007, while electricity consumption has been flat, and total energy demand actually dropped.” “Ibtihaj Muhammad will be the first U.S. athlete to […]

Weekend link dump for February 7

What drives some people to collect dinosaur bones? The author of this piece was a high school classmate of mine. Oklahoma really wants to hate the gays. This guy hates The Big Bang Theory more than you do. (Warning: profanity) Turns out the measles vaccine has been an even greater boon for public health than […]

Weekend link dump for January 31

Evangelicals deserve Donald Trump. “Eventually, the two parties may come to agree on the challenges the country faces, and then have actual discussions — and disagreements and competition — over how to address them. That’s bipartisanship. And counterintuitive as it may seem, Obama’s executive actions may be necessary to produce bipartisanship down the road.” The […]

Weekend link dump for January 24

“This is such an ancient trope — crazy scientists doing outrageous experiments with money you could be investing in my uranium mine — that I wonder if anyone actually falls for it.” The next ice age may be a little delayed in arriving. “Would You Ditch ESPN To Shave $8/Month Off Your Cable Bill?” No, […]

Weekend link dump for January 17

“This is the job you dream of having; you can make such a big impact.” A close look at the Working Families Party and its electoral successes. We could use some of that here in Texas. “Drug epidemics—Oxy, meth, heroin, you name it—are devastating. It’s something to keep in mind when you consider both the […]

Weekend link dump for January 10

Good news: Really rich people are suddenly paying quite a bit more in taxes. Star Trek postage stamps are now available. RIP, Wayne Rogers, best known as Trapper John on M*A*S*H. RIP, “death panels”. And good riddance. All politicians lie, but some lies are starker than others. What to do with those idiots in Oregon. […]

Weekend link dump for January 3

“As relations between Cuba and the United States warm up, Major League Baseball is hoping to avoid human trafficking of potential players by dealing directly with the communist government.” Cassette tapes are making a comeback? Seriously? On average, 2015 was a pretty good year. “Muslims, Christians and Jews worship the same God, just in different […]

Weekend link dump for December 27

What assembling IKEA furniture tells us about gender differences. “So basically what’s going on is that NBC is allowing Bush Hagar to use her journalistic credentials and access to shill for one side in this marketing war. This, folks, is next-generation influence peddling.” An Unbelievable Story of Rape. Which you really need to read. What […]

Weekend link dump for December 20

So, when are pot ads going to start running on TV? The Happy Birthday copyright case has been fully settled. A low-tech solution for finding new kinds of antibiotics may be just what we need. “But many of the more steeply discounted gift cards for sale online are in fact the product of merchandise return […]

Weekend link dump for December 13

An oral history of Mork and Mindy. In doing too much reading on the tragic mass shooting in San Bernadino, I happened to come across this New Yorker story about Amy Bishop, a microbiologist at the University of Alabama who shot six of her colleagues, killing three of them, after being denied tenure. It’s absolutely […]

Weekend link dump for December 6

How Shonda Rhimes treats story lines that involve abortion. Felicia Day joins the MST3K revival. Nerds rejoice. “I mention all this not just to point out that the fighting in Iraq lasted longer than five months and has now spread to Syria and the streets of Paris. I mention it because it’s a reminder of […]

Weekend link dump for November 29

“Crime overall in 2015 is expected to be largely unchanged from last year, decreasing 1.5 percent.” “No, really. It’s an actual glossy, full-color magazine called Dabiq, complete with feature articles and photo spreads. So, in the interest of understanding just what makes these violent lunatics tick, I read through 700-plus pages of this oddly well-put-together […]

Weekend link dump for November 22

An oral history of Turkeys Away, the greatest episode of WKRP in Cincinnati and one of the greatest TV episodes ever. “As the Internet of Things grows, we can scarcely afford a massive glut of things that are insecure-by-design.” “The World Fantasy award trophy will no longer be modelled on HP Lovecraft”. “Traditionally, most American […]

Weekend link dump for November 15

Nancy Lieberman is awesome. Doing spec work for free is something most people are never asked to do. Another reason not to eat at Taco Bell, in case you needed one. Two words: Pyramid truthers. I need a drink. RIP, Gunnar Hansen, best known as the villain Leatherface in the original 1974 horror film “The […]

Weekend link dump for November 8

“So the question remains: When a crime lab screws up, whose responsibility is it to clean up the mess?” And then read this and ask yourself why we should be surprised when there are effectively no consequences for that kind of behavior. A-Rod the Analyst. Turns out he’s pretty good at it. “It has taken […]

Weekend link dump for November 1

Laverne Cox is your new Dr. Frank N. Furter. Minor league baseball players suing MLB over allegations that they were paid less than minimum wage have won their request to include a much larger class of players in the lawsuit. Still in mourning for the end of Mythbusters. “Other than blowing up an entire planet […]

Weekend link dump for October 25

I’m not saying it’s aliens, but I’m not saying it’s not aliens, either. The buildings that used to be Pizza Huts, and the people who love to photograph them. “A former meerkat expert at London Zoo has been ordered to pay compensation to a monkey handler she attacked with a wine glass in a love […]

Weekend link dump for October 18

“Mom says she’s busy and that you should just tell me where the thing is, because I promised not to get it.” Yes, I have had these conversations with my children. Also, too, the Lamentations of the Father are still relevant. Money changes everything. In the case of poor children, it’s mostly for the better. […]

Weekend link dump for October 11

Real life isn’t like cop shows. Try to cope. The toxic history of harassment in the comics industry. “Inevitably, then, the marijuana movement has begun to give way to the marijuana lobby.” “But it would be a mis­take to as­sume that Trump’s sup­port­ers are drawn to him simply be­cause of his per­son­al­ity or be­cause, like […]

Weekend link dump for October 4

What TV executives think about the new fall shows. Some football physics for your game-watching Sunday. “An experimental glider that could eventually reach the edge of space without the power of an engine had a successful first test flight over Oregon this week, winning applause on Thursday from Airbus, a major backer of the project.” […]