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Weekend link dump for August 13

The National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year contest for 2017. Go see gorgeous photos. Donald Trump could have been president in Sharknado 3. Which would have been infinitely preferable to current reality. “Now that the Republican Party has won the House, the Senate and the Presidency the effort it is making to Repeal and […]

Weekend link dump for August 6

A little thought experiment about a shift of power in the Senate. Chase your dreams, y’all. “If you’ve been asking why McCain is getting so much credit for this hit job, rather than his two female Republican colleagues without whose “no” votes the bill would have also passed, one of the answers is that he […]

Weekend link dump for July 30

“There’s no public indication yet what Trump Jr., Kushner, and Manafort specifically hoped to receive from the Russians. But if they were aware of (and believed) these conspiracy-theory reports regarding the Russians and Clinton’s emails—real-life fake news that had been bolstered by right-wing media and Trump’s own social media guru—they probably would have been particularly […]

Weekend link dump for July 23

Same sex marriage is likely to be safe from future SCOTUS rulings even if Justice Kennedy retires in the next couple of years. I’d rather not test that hypothesis, though. Those hot girls on Twitter who want to follow you? It’s a scam. Don’t fall for it. “I don’t want to have the Bible debates […]

Weekend link dump for July 16

What part of DO NOT TOUCH was unclear to you? Somehow, this is not satire. I got nothing. “This, of course, presents a problem for marketers: How do you sell food to a group of people that American culture has harassed into a near-universally fraught relationship with your products? It turns out the answer is […]

Weekend link dump for July 9

So is there a limit to human lifespans or not? A long and thoughtful story on lip synching and our changing attitudes towards it. I fall into the camp of those who prefer actual singing and playing of instruments by people, but I’m old. The Nuns on the Bus are back on the bus. Sweet […]

Weekend link dump for July 2

“They just stared at me, and at that moment, Tom’s door opened and another girl came out, adjusting her hair and taking off down the hall, while the first girl in line slipped into Tom’s room. This was a young man who knew something about time management and understood how to successfully juggle Bible study […]

Weekend link dump for June 25

“The AHCA would raise employment and economic activity at first, but lower them in the long run. It initially raises the federal deficit when taxes are repealed, leading to 864,000 more jobs in 2018. In later years, reductions in support for health insurance cause negative economic effects. By 2026, 924,000 jobs would be lost, gross […]

Weekend link dump for June 18

Yet another thing Donald Trump has ruined for us. If Kansas was an experiment to see if “conservative” policies would work, it was a massive failure. I mean, a really massive failure. Maybe we should pay attention to that. What Scalzi says about Coke Zero, though I will drink Diet Coke if that’s what is […]

Weekend link dump for June 11

“There may come a day when you will have to be The Advocate for someone you love. Do not do it under duress because that just creates more problems. Do not do it because you think it will somehow get you in the will because it may not. Do it because you love that person […]

Texas blog roundup for the week of June 5

The Texas Progressive Alliance is still debating whether it’s pronounced “cov-fee-fee” or “cov-fay-fay” as it brings you this week’s roundup.

Weekend link dump for June 4

“The Las Vegas stadium is the new champion when it comes to extracting public largesse for private benefit, a distinguished title lineage that includes the Vikings’ new stadium, which was supposed to be paid for with electronic gambling that raised precisely zero dollars in its first year, or $35M less than expected; the new Braves’ […]

Weekend link dump for May 28

“Two big reasons Trump will have a tough time pushing the special counsel around”. “The growing frustration with the Trump administration’s management — reflected in letters to state regulators and in interviews with more than two dozen senior industry and government officials nationwide — undercuts a key White House claim that Obamacare insurance marketplaces are […]

Weekend link dump for May 21

Meet Zuul crurivastator, the first dinosaur to be named after a “Ghostbusters” character. Why don’t women’s basketball fans follow their favorite players from college to the pros? “How Unprecedented Is James Comey’s Firing?” “The possibility that a lawyer’s small compromise of principle may put him on a steep slippery slope to a much larger personal […]

Weekend link dump for May 14

Naming and billboard-shaming the Congressfolk who sold off your Internet privacy. I’m probably “Structure Neutral, Ingredient Purist” on the Sandwich Alignment Chart, but I’m still thinking about it. We’re in no danger of running out of Game of Thrones content just yet. “How can you tell phony drawings from real ones? There’s no easy way […]

Weekend link dump for May 7

Six questions on Ivanka Trump’s new investment fund. “Former national security adviser Michael Flynn was warned by the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014 against accepting foreign payments as he entered retirement, according to new documents obtained by the House oversight committee.” Shoulda listened. “Don’t let those failures lull you into a false sense of security. […]

Weekend link dump for April 30

Other Congressional districts that could be as competitive as the 6th District in Georgia was. The evolution of the TV mom. From the archives, how to deal with a psychopath. (Spoiler: If at all possible, don’t.) “It’s hard to call these meetings political, at least in the narrow sense of partisan politics (save, perhaps, for […]

Weekend link dump for April 23

Meet Jean Afterman, the highest-ranking woman in MLB’s front offices. “So now, 133 years later, in a 7-1 game in the ninth, you have to watch some 27-year-old failed starter huff and puff for 23 seconds, catching his breath while deciding between his fastball and his fastball, all because Pud Galvin and his ilk cheated […]

Weekend link dump for April 16

“Unlike the Golden Globes, where film and TV stars mingle on the red carpet but compete in parallel categories, MTV is all but erasing the barrier between the two.” The number of pedestrians being killed by automobiles is way too high. “The lesson that runs through all these moments is this: if you cling to […]

Weekend link dump for April 9

The original ending for Frozen, in which Elsa was the villain. So why do cartoon characters only have four fingers, anyway? “VPNs can be a useful tool for protecting one’s privacy online. However, it’s important to understand the limitations of this technology, and to take the time to research providers before entrusting them with virtually […]

Weekend link dump for April 2

Apparently, fans of the classic TV show CHiPS are not fans of the movie that they have not yet seen. I will say, if there isn’t at least one scene done in a roller disco, the movie will not be true to the spirit of the show. Beware the “can you hear me?” phone scam. […]

Weekend link dump for March 26

Air pollution denial is the new climate change denial. This is why I always use the Oxford comma. That’s Sir Ray Davies to you, bub. “Did you agree that FitBit owns your information? You probably didn’t think about that when you bought the device.” Sesame Street‘s newest Muppet has autism. “YouTube says it is looking […]

Weekend link dump for March 19

“For the first time ever, solar ranked as the No. 1 source of new electric generating capacity additions brought on-line on an annual basis at 39%.” “It comes as no small shock, then, to learn that the supposed empirical bulwark of forensic courtroom science rests on what is, at best, a creaky empirical foundation—and that […]

Weekend link dump for March 12

Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered on TV 20 years ago. Yes, we are old. “Scientists announced on March 1, 2017 that they’ve identified the remains of 3,770-million-year-old microorganisms, now the oldest known microfossils on Earth. The discovery is in the form of tiny filaments and tubes – formed by bacteria – that lived on iron. […]

Weekend link dump for March 5

Six tips for parenting your toddler President. We may never see another catcher’s balk again. Now this is what one might call an employment benefit. Where to find good data. “In just the last month since the concept of a March for Science went viral online, 287 satellite marches across the globe have been organized […]

Weekend link dump for February 26

Egregious, intelligence-insulting lying by public officials is still a bad thing even if it isn’t illegal. “You’re about to see a big change to the sell-by dates on food”. Fourteen TV shows that blazed a path of inclusion for LGBT characters. “Brillian parody Twitter account/depressing vision of our global future President Supervillain—created by D.M. Higgins, […]

Weekend link dump for February 19

Robocop was way ahead of its time, and it’s eerie how accurate a reflection of society it now is. Foreign students tend to pay full tuition at American universities, which helps subsidize things for everyone else. So having fewer of them thanks to Trumpian immigration restrictions will make college more expensive for everyone else. If […]

Weekend link dump for February 12

Meanwhile, in America… Heavens to Murgatroid! That time Bob Uecker used a tuba to shag fly balls before a World Series game. “Lesson: your friendly librarian is better at technology than you, so don’t pull crap like that. I will find you and you will pay.” You’re going to need the latest version of Chrom […]

Weekend link dump for February 5

“Top athletes demand an immediate end to hijab ban in basketball”. “Still, the survival of tax havens, like shipping flags of convenience, is an anomaly. If big, powerful countries and blocs really had a mind to it, they could roll over both in a week.” “But it has long been a trope of Holocaust deniers […]

Weekend link dump for January 29

10 Actions for the first 100 Days. Neanderthals were people, too. “Iceland knows how to stop teen substance abuse but the rest of the world isn’t listening”. The Dallas Stars Jumbotron operator is the best person in Dallas. #Seanspicersays I get more readers than the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal combined. Six […]

Weekend link dump for January 22

Watch this video of 15-year-old Francesca Belibi becoming the first girl to dunk in a Colorado high school basketball game. She’s only been playing basketball for 16 months. “Show creator Matthew Weiner and production company Lionsgate have donated the Mad Men archive – including scripts, drafts, notes, props, costumes, digital video and reams of research […]

Weekend link dump for January 15

“As a result, a broader array of financial institutions now are in a potentially powerful position over the incoming president. If the Trump businesses were to default on their debts, the giant financial institutions that serve as so-called special servicers of these loan pools would have the power to foreclose on some of Mr. Trump’s […]

Weekend link dump for January 8

“But none of that will dampen the fact that for these last eight years, the President of the United States actually listened to Native Americans and kept his promises to them. That is historic.” Just so we’re clear, there was no great crime wave last year. I’m sure this is how the inaugural speechwriting process […]

Weekend link dump for January 1

Here’s hoping 2017 doesn’t suck. Hey, remember that movie where Sinbad played a genie? No, you don’t, because it doesn’t exist. But some people insist that it does anyway. Don’t pay ransomware. There’s a better way. The most egregiously George Lucas-ass names in baseball. “All of the condescension of which liberals have been accused can’t […]