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Weekend link dump for April 13

How to bake scientifically accurate cake planets. Because who wouldn’t want a Uranus cake for their birthday? It’s hard out here on a pregnant TV star whose character isn’t pregnant. All about Aereo in Houston. If Alfred E. Neuman were a real person, you’d never be able to un-see his face. It’s never too early […]

Weekend link dump for April 6

The national divorce rate is a more complicated question than you might think. Who wants to get hoaxed about marrying a prince? The best day of the week to buy groceries is Wednesday. “Put aside, for now, the shameless hypocrisy of these self-styled heroes of the free market secretly engaging in such grotesquely anti-competitive practices. […]

Weekend link dump for March 30

Time for Chief Wahoo to go away. The anti-social network has finally arrived. “Scientists have discovered a bizarre, bird-like dinosaur, named Anzu wyliei, that provides paleontologists with their first good look at a dinosaur group that has been shrouded in mystery for almost a century.” Micro-entrepreneurship ain’t what it’s cracked up to be. Someone please […]

Weekend link dump for March 23

I am Locutus of WalMart. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. If you think coverage of Hillary Clinton is bad now, just wait till she actually announces her candidacy for President. Oh, and you’d better get your Hillary Clinton-related domain while you still can. “Looks to me like the fast food workers would benefit […]

Weekend link dump for March 16

Spring break! For the kids, anyway. Blair and Tootie, together again. Wait, I thought drunk people placing ill-advised bets was Vegas’ entire business model? We really are making huge advances in the fight against HIV. Want to be a better boyfriend, or at least make your girlfriend think you’re a better boyfriend? There’s an app […]

Weekend link dump for March 9

“I don’t know about you, but the idea that every single person in America who has ever had an injection has been protected because we harvest the blood of a forgettable sea creature with a hidden chemical superpower makes me feel a little bit crazy.” Go ahead and post that picture to, but your […]

Weekend link dump for March 2

No, the Scooby Gang has nothing to do with the Five College Consortium. The credit card data theft will continue for the foreseeable future. The power of third parties compels you. Sometimes it’s better to help from a distance than up close. In other news, Tom DeLay is still an idiot. Girl Scout cookies and […]

Weekend link dump for February 23

Some Sharknade 2: The Second One news, for those of you (and you know who you are) that want it. I love Paris in the modern era, because in the old days it really stank. “Practically every big battle you see in the media arena is, one way or another, a battle between gigantic producers […]

Weekend link dump for February 16

So how do ants drink water, anyway? Among other things, gentrification is anti-gang. Law and Order and computers, documenting history by the screenshot. Ever wonder what judges wear underneath their robes? Don’t smoke, y’all. Mr. Spock says so. Forget Wal-Mart, Costco is the new battle line in the culture war. Come to San Antonio for […]

Weekend link dump for February 9

I keep trying to come up with a pithy summary for this and I keep failing. It’s just…I can’t even. From the “Brevity is the soul of wit” department. Sharknado 2: The Second One is a thing that is happening. “Your humble, obedient servant” has always worked for me. Cutting food stamps hurts businesses, too. […]

Weekend link dump for February 2

We’re not reading as much as we used to, but there are some promising signs. “So why aren’t these CEOs clamoring for economic policies that might actually address this?” I’ll give you three guesses. From the couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy department. On the reboot of the Carl Sagan TV show Cosmos, now […]

Weekend link dump for January 26

You can now use Bitcoins to buy basketball tickets. In Sacramento, anyway. Pot legalization is the gay marriage of 2016. It’s hard out here on an atheist. “Having somebody to watch your kid(s) during the day opens a lot of additional options– for a second source of income, further education, or just general parental sanity. […]

Weekend link dump for January 19

As The Slacktivist keeps saying, they are coming for your birth control. This is not about faith, it’s about politics. Now that we have a little distance from the Hall of Fame vote, let’s talk about ways to improve the process. Bill James advocated for enlarging the electorate years ago in The Politics of Glory. […]

Weekend link dump for January 12

First world problems are still problems worth solving. When Captain America wears a turban, it’s pretty cool. As The Slacktivist often says, they are coming for your birth control. Don’t be surprised by it. “As a result, Netflix can’t, any longer, aspire to be the service which allows you to watch the movies you want […]

Weekend link dump for January 5

Anyone know how to quit bringing auld acquaintance to mind? Anonymizing data is pretty much an oxymoron. We may yet have Anthony Weiner to kick around again. The Jon Swift Memorial Roundup for 2013. Would six Californias be better than one? Spoiler alert: Probably not. Spectacular photos of abandoned places around the world. Ah, Louie, […]

Weekend link dump for December 29

It’s the end of the year as we know it… Porn filters are ineffective, blocking things they shouldn’t, not blocking things they should, and generally annoying everyone. As someone who was alive and using the Internet in the 90s, I could have told you that. Death of blogging predicted. Film at 11. “Under the norm […]

Weekend link dump for December 22

A link dump for kids from one to ninety-two… A long but provocative read on smarm and snark. From the Is Our Children Learning? department. RIP, Peter O’Toole, and RIP, Joan Fontaine. Hollywood is a little less royal today. Sergio Aragones draws 60 years of MAD Magazine history in a single pullout poster. A full […]

Weekend link dump for December 15

“Sniffing a colleague can be considered sexual harassment according to a recent decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.” That may sound silly, but the description of what was actually happening doesn’t sound silly at all, it sounds nasty and threatening. If for some reason you’ve been wanting to download your […]

Weekend link dump for December 8

Some handy recipes for your next Thanksgiving. Meet your very early Presidential candidates for 2016. They all have a better chance of being elected than Rudy Giuliani did at this point in the 2008 cycle. Santa Claus, Bigfoot, and job creators. Can you guess what they have in common? Remember when “more Catholic than the […]

Weekend link dump for December 1

Just hear those sleigh bells jingling… You may have to wait a few more years for that self-driving car you’ve been lusting after. Do you want to see what a bunch of music stars who died young might look like today? If you do, there you go. The odds are pretty good that you are […]

Weekend link dump for November 24

Better take your turkey out of the freezer soon. Organized youth football is seeing a sharp drop in participation. Concern about head injuries are a big part of that. This story about children being adopted from overseas and then abused and in some cases killed by parents that had no business adopting them just breaks […]

Weekend link dump for November 17

The original Addam’s Family set photographed in color. Not altogether ookie at all. Can we agree that a sports team shouldn’t be called The Arabs, please? The Willie Nelson corn maze. How is it we didn’t have one of these before this year? “What these social conservatives don’t understand is that we just don’t give […]

Weekend link dump for November 10

The 2014 filing season is now officially open. Sometimes, finding nothing is really something. Hopefully, this Captain James Kirk won’t encounter any Klingons. “Getting injured while having sex on a business trip does not qualify you for workers’ comp benefits.” In Australia, anyway. What Bill Gates is up to these days. Well worth your time […]

Weekend link dump for November 3

“YouTube is preparing a premium on-demand music service — akin to a Spotify, but with video — to launch later this year”. We need a space tax. Though we should probably call it a “fee”. From the “When I was a child, I reasoned as a child” department. “So, for those churches [in Hawaii] that […]

Weekend link dump for October 27

Two words: Cockroach farming. Yeah, me too. When great dramas go badly wrong. “Next time you’re lying in bed, unable to fall asleep thanks to the vague anxiety of half-rotten corpses munching on you in the dark, remember this: if there was ever a zombie uprising, wildlife would kick its ass.” “Fact is, people are […]

Weekend link dump for October 20

I’m old enough to remember when people inserted random words on Usenet posts in a (joking?) attempt to confuse NSA surveillance routines. The past is never dead… Cheating the lines at Disneyland is now harder to do. Dodos apparently lasted longer than we once thought. Kids today, and their online-TV-watching ways. That probably isn’t a […]

Weekend link dump for October 13

Turn that music down! And get off my lawn while you’re at it. “Fifty-five percent of Americans and 7 out of 10 young people support allowing gay couples to marry. A majority of Republicans, 52 percent, oppose it.” How to advise someone about buying a new computer. Lots of schoolchildren need eyeglasses but don’t know […]

Weekend link dump for October 6

How did I manage to reach this point in my life without knowing what a TOOTBLAN is? An interactive map of possibly inhabitable planets in the Milky Way Galaxy. I’m sorry to hear that “Hoarders” was canceled, but I am glad to see that the show had a positive effect. Fine, standing desks are good […]

Weekend link dump for September 29

“Next I see the gluten-free section filled with crackers and bread made from various wheat-substitutes such as cardboard and sawdust. I skip this aisle because I’m not rich enough to have dietary restrictions.” If the mixtapes you made in college in the 80s could have talked. I’m fully on board with the Rivera Avenue proposal. […]

Weekend link dump for September 22

Happy Day After Equinox, everybody! The pros and cons of charging for autographs. There’s now an app for ordering Big Macs, if you’re into that sort of thing. Some alternate expressions for “Jumping the Shark”. The wildcard tiebreaker scenarios as things stand in MLB. Stay awesome, Tuesday Cain. We may need you to run for […]

Weekend link dump for September 15

How to recognize and avoid falling victim to phishing attacks. If you don’t know what “phishing” is (it has nothing to do with these guys), you definitely need to click that link. You want to know why some people are successful in politics? This is one reason why some people are successful in politics. Hey, […]

Weekend link dump for September 8

The surprisingly conservative origins of streaking. Three words: Deep fried Nutella. You’re welcome. More energy efficient football stadiums, please. From the Eats, Shoots and Leaves department. “Imagine if, instead of just getting annoyed when the phone rings and it’s a telemarketer or robocaller, you were delighted. Not because you were eager to speak with them, […]

Weekend link dump for September 1

“Onan’s sin was his exploitation of the helpless and his failure to fulfill his responsibility in the safety net for childless widows.” “You know the Bechdel Test: Now meet the Russo Test for LGBT movie characters”. The worst moments of the 90s, many of which I’d thankfully forgotten about or never knew about at the […]

Weekend link dump for August 25

School starts tomorrow, y’all. Here are some photos of giant sinkholes. You’re welcome. “So, you know, in keeping with Newton’s Laws, every bit of grandiose idiocy is matched with an equal and opposite bit of grandiose idiocy.” How Twitter fights spambots. It’s harder than it looks. This is the sort of thing that happens when […]