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RIP, Joe Roach

Former Houston City Council member Joe Roach has passed away at the age of 49. A Clear Lake-area Republican, Roach — a one-time chief prosecutor with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office — leaped onto the local political scene by defeating 30-year-incumbent City Councilman Frank Mancuso. Roach served on the council from 1994-2000, flirting with […]

RIP, Blake Edwards

The man who gave us the one true “Pink Panther” movies has passed away at the age of 88. One of Hollywood’s most successful specialists in comedy, Edwards was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1922 and started out as an actor. After appearing in about 30 films, he worked as a TV scriptwriter before becoming […]

RIP, Carlos Guerra

I join Greg and Stace in mourning the loss of former Express News columnist and blogger Carlos Guerra. Carlos Guerra, a former columnist at the San Antonio Express-News, was found dead Monday in Port Aransas, officials there said. Officers with the Port Aransas Police Department found Guerra in the one-bedroom condominium where he was staying […]

RIP, Leslie Nielsen

As Mel Brooks said when his friend Harvey Korman passed away, the world is a more serious place today. Leslie Nielsen, the actor best known for starring in such comedies as Airplane! and the Naked Gun film franchise, died Sunday of complications from pneumonia at a hospital near his home in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. He […]

RIP, Rep. Edmund Kuempel

State Rep. Edmund Kuempel (R-Seguin) has passed away at the age of 67. Kuempel, a salesman with CMC Steel Texas in Seguin, is chairman of the House Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee, the panel through which gambling legislation typically flows. A House member since 1983, he was formerly chairman of the House Administration Committee, the […]

RIP, Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens, one half of the Stevens and Pruett radio team, has passed away. Stevens spent 40 years in radio but enjoyed his greatest success in partnership with Pruett, first as Hudson and Harrigan at KILT (610 AM) beginning in 1974 and later under their own names at KULF-AM, KEGL-FM in Dallas-Fort Worth and KLOL […]

Saturday video break: Happy birthday, John Lennon

He would have been 70 today. Feel old now? We all do shine on indeed.

RIP, David Thompson

What a terrible shock. We loyal patrons of Murder by the Book, Houston’s go-to place for all things murder and mystery, are devastated to learn of David Thompson’s sudden passing yesterday. David, a Murder by the Book fixture for 21 years, seemed to know the guts of every book, and had an infallible sense of […]

Saturday video break: RIP, SRV

Twenty years ago yesterday, August 27, 1990, the world lost Stevie Ray Vaughan in a helicopter crash. Here’s a double shot of Stevie to commemorate him and mourn his loss today. And of course, the greatest public service announcement of all time: That still gives me goosebumps after all these years. God bless you, Stevie […]

Friday random ten: Talk the talk

If you follow this blog for things other than random music, you know that I do a lot of candidate and officeholder interviews around election time. In honor of all that talking, here’s ten songs about talking: 1. Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love – Van Halen 2. Girls Talk – Dave Edmunds 3. I Talk To […]

Weekend link dump for August 22

School days, school days, dear old golden rule days… Help The Lunch Tray help hungry kids. Hurley! The AJGLU-3000 is humming along. This ain’t your daddy’s burger joint. Tales from the MLB draft deadline. I have a real hard time keeping up with all the shibboleths these days. Libertarian utopia looks an awful lot like […]

Saturday video break: Follow the bouncing ball

So Mitch Miller died this week at the age of 99. I’m not old enough to remember the “Sing Along With Mitch” TV show, but we did have a “Sing Along With Mitch” Christmas album when I was growing up, and I knew all those songs by heart. This is one that I’ve only ever […]

RIP, Bob Sheppard

Preceding George Steinbrenner in death was the legendary PA announcer Bob Sheppard, known as both the voice of Yankee Stadium and the Voice of God. If you watched the All Star Game on Tuesday night, you got to hear a recording of Sheppard introduce Derek Jeter; at Jeter’s request, a recording of Sheppard has announced […]

RIP, George Steinbrenner

It was kind of a rough week for the New York Yankees, as they lost two of their icons while I was on vacation. I’ll have something to say about Bob Sheppard, their legendary and longtime public address announcer, in a subsequent post, but for now let me extend my condolences to the Steinbrenner family […]

RIP, Sister Damian Kuhn

This is the sweetest story you’ll read all week. One spring season when the Astros were in a particularly bad slump, Sister Damian Kuhn made her way to owner Drayton McLane’s office, dressed in her traditional blue habit and veil. “She was our No. 1 fan, and she always took it personal,” recalled McLane. He […]

Goodbye, old friend

This morning, Tiffany and I took our dog, Harry, to the vet. He did not come home with us. We’d known this day was coming for awhile. Harry was 15 years old, and his health had declined in recent months. We’ve been preparing the girls for it, telling them how Harry was going to be […]

RIP, Kelly Fero

Sad news. Democratic political consultant Kelly Fero died this afternoon at his home in Austin. Details weren’t immediately available. Fero was best known as an Austin-based consultant to John Sharp, Tony Sanchez, the late Jim Mattox and many, many others. He was a talented writer, a top-notch researcher, and had a repuation for smashmouth quotes […]

RIP, Soupy Sales

Soupy Sales, the world’s funniest pie-in-the-face man, has passed away at the age of 83. As the star of “The Soupy Sales Show,” he performed live on television for 13 years in Detroit, Los Angeles and New York before the program went into syndication in the United States and abroad. Ostensibly for children, the show […]

RIP, William Wayne Justice

One of the great protectors of civil rights has passed away. U.S. District Judge William Wayne Justice — beloved by some, loathed by others — changed Texas civil and inmate rights in ways few political figures have over the past half-century. Justice, who spent 30 years on the bench and once was dubbed “the real […]

People and records, gone but not forgotten

Now that you know about Derek Jeter and various all-time base hits records for different franchises, go read Steve Goldman’s tribute to Lou Gehrig and what it means to leave behind a legacy. Bring some tissues if you’re the crying type, as this is a very moving story.

Weekend link dump for August 16

Holy crap, it’s almost football season already… The case against Apple, in five parts. And the case for, in one. Why Kevin Drum doesn’t fear government-run health care. Once again, a big part of the reason why politicians lie is because there are no disincentives for doing so. When link shorteners die. Or don’t. Alright, […]

Saturday video break: A John Hughes twofer

“Twist and Shout”, from “Ferris Bueller’s Day off”: And the original video to Simple Minds’ “Don’t You Forget About Me”, which was used in “The Breakfast Club”. Thanks to Steven Goldman for that link. And if you haven’t read this story about John Hughes yet, put down whatever you’re doing and go read it now.

Mickey Leland, 20 years later

Twenty years ago today, US Representative Mickey Leland died in a plane crash while on a humanitarian trip to Ethiopia. His widow Alison Leland and State Sen. Rodney Ellis remember his legacy in today’s Chron. Twenty years ago our city, our nation and much of the world waited for word on the fate of the […]

RIP, John Hughes

John Hughes, iconic 80s movie director, has passed away from a heart attack at the age of 59. A native of Lansing, Mich., who later moved to suburban Chicago and set much of his work there, Hughes rose from ad writer to comedy writer to silver screen champ with his affectionate and idealized portraits of […]

Thurman Munson, thirty years later

It was thirty years ago today that New York Yankees catcher and captain Thurman Munson was killed in a plane crash in Canton, Ohio. I was just rereading the post I wrote in 2004 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of his death, and it still chokes me up after all this time. I don’t think […]

RIP, Frank McCourt

Bestselling author and former high school teacher Frank McCourt has died at the age of 78. Frank McCourt, the retired high school English teacher who became a best-selling memoirist, liked to say he had disproven F. Scott Fitzgerald’s adage about there being “no second acts in American lives.” McCourt, who had been gravely ill with […]

Frank McCourt “gravely ill”

Sad news. Frank McCourt is gravely ill with meningitis and is unlikely to survive, the author’s brother said Thursday. Malachy McCourt said that his 78-year-old brother, best known for the million-selling “Angela’s Ashes,” is in a New York hospice, “his faculties shutting down.” “He is not expected to live,” said McCourt, himself an author and […]

RIP, Steve McNair

What a tragedy. Former Oilers quarterback Steve McNair was found shot to death in Nashville, shocking former teammates and NFL personnel around the country. McNair, 36, and a woman were found dead inside a condominium Saturday afternoon by the Nashville Police Department. Police identified the woman as Sahel Kazemi, 20, owner of the condominium. CNN […]

RIP, Farrah Fawcett

Not unexpected, but still sad. Fawcett was voted “most beautiful” her sophomore, junior and senior years at Ray High School [in Corpus Christi]. Her freshman year at the University of Texas, where she was majoring in microbiology and minoring in art, Fawcett was voted one of the university’s 10 most beautiful coeds. Back then, to […]

The best thing I’ve heard about my hometown in a long time

A Staten Island restaurant employs genuine Italian grandmothers to do the cooking. The 35-seat Enoteca Maria takes home cooking to a whole new level by bringing in genuine Italian grandmothers to cook for customers. Each night, one of eight nonnas ties on an apron, checks out the ingredients in the refrigerator and rustles up a […]

Debutant’s last post

As you know, Deborah Greer-Costello, better known as Debutant, passed away on May 18 after a long battle with leukemia. Her sister Stephanie, a/k/a Texans Chick, posted a final message from Deb based on conversations they had after her condition became clear. Go give it a read and remember what a remarkable woman Deb was, […]

RIP, Debutant

I’m very sorry to say that Deborah Greer-Costello, better known as Debutant, passed away earlier this week from the leukemia that she had been fighting since 2005. I never met Deb in person, I only knew her through her writing and through her sister, my friend Stephanie Stradley, but it was easy to see what […]

RIP, Andy Hallett

Andy Hallett, who played Lorne the singing demon on Angel, has passed away at the far too young age of 33. The actor passed away at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles after a five-year battle with heart disease, with his father Dave Hallett by his side. Hallett, from the Cape Cod village of Osterville, Mass., […]

RIP, Terry Hayes

Terry Hayes, an employee of the Houston Chronicle who wrote an award-winning blog that detailed her fight against terminal cancer, has died at the age of 42. Hayes spent five years as one of the newspaper’s essential support staffers, handling unseen but critical behind-the-scenes tasks, deflecting and distributing calls and complaints, and encouraging — on […]