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The scourge of selfie sticks

Presented (mostly) without comment. The Blanton Museum, in Austin, as well as the Dallas Museum of Art and the Perot Museum of Natural Science, in Dallas, all have bans on tripods and monopods that extend to selfie sticks, leaving visitors to settle for mediocre, arm-length-only selfies. Bummer! Most museums have rules against bringing tripods into their exhibition halls […]

Mount Rush Hour Park

It’s actually called American Statesmanship Park, but either way it’s awesome. Harris County on Tuesday accepted a donation of a small plot of land near the intersection of Interstates 10 and 45 where 18-foot concrete busts of Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington sit. Each bust by Houston artist David Adickes, […]

Ticket splitters

For better or worse, we live in a polarized world. Often, knowing a candidate’s political party tells you most of what you need to know in a general election. But definitely not always, and this year in particular there are plenty of examples of candidates who aren’t worthy of the support of their partisan brethren […]

Bike racks at restaurants

I wholeheartedly approve of this. On nice days, a 20-station bicycle rack stays mostly full outside Hay Merchant, a food-and-beer establishment located among a cramped string of restaurants on Westheimer near Montrose. When the rack is full, it means 20 people left vehicles at home and freed up parking outside the popular venue. The Hay […]

About that “solution” for bike trail obstruction

Me, last month: Meanwhile, two weeks ago there was a story about TxDOT closing the White Oak Bayou Hike and Bike Trail between Ella and 34th streets while there is construction on the service road for 610 North at East TC Jester. The closure was scheduled for two years, without an alternate route that bicyclists thought was […]

Saturday still photo break: May the Force be with you

We have some family in town, and today Audrey and I took them to the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit at the Health Museum. It was a combination of models and costumes from the “Star Wars” movies, with behind-the-scenes videos on how some of the special effects were done, plus interactive exhibits on […]

You don’t look a day over 170, Houston

Lisa Gray has a question and a request. How do you celebrate Houston’s 175th birthday? It’s a surprisingly hard question. How do you salute the longevity and stability of a place that prides itself on change? How do you sum up a place that’s notoriously hard to define? Houston 175, the official birthday organization, is […]

Saturday video break: It’s OK to be Takei

Ladies and gentlemen, George Takei: I suppose now is as good a time as any to show you this: That was taken at the Houston premier of a slightly bizarre, very cheesy, and mostly fun sci-fi western called Oblivion, at a now long-gone theater on Post Oak near San Felipe. The movie’s director, writer (Peter […]

Studewood highrise update

Swamplot and Prime Property give us a look at what is to come for that six-story mixed-use building that’s currently under construction on Studewood just north of 11th. Well, what may come, as Swamplot’s choose-your-own-adventure photo spread indicates. I figured this was as good a time as any to check out the current progress of […]

The Empty Lot Primary

This is an awesome idea. A political consultant is launching a Web site aimed shaming political candidates into limiting the posting of signs to addresses where the residents actually endorse their candidacies. Greg Wythe’s invites people to submit photos of campaign signs at empty lots, empty buildings or other locations where there is no owner or resident […]

If fixing the streets is easy, then tell us how to do it

Lisa Gray writes about a guy who thinks Houston’s streets could be much more user friendly if only we tried a little harder to make them be. “Houston’s streets behave like alleys,” Nathan Norris shouted to the 20 or so people who followed him like ducklings, single file, on Jackson Hill Street’s skinny sidewalk. Norris […]

Center Street recycling center for sale?

Looks to be that way. Back in 2009, the city contemplated selling the site to Admiral Linen next door, and opening a new recycling center on Spring Street in the First Ward. See here, here, and here for background. The move was opposed by First Ward residents on the grounds that the area was becoming […]

Where hippie bohemian attorney dreams go to die

Via Swamplot, I see that the site of the never-was Sonoma development in the Rice Village has been sold to someone that plans to actually build something. Hanover’s project, called Plaza View, is scheduled to include 385 “high-end” apartments, 14,000 sq. ft. of retail or restaurant space, and a multi-level parking garage, all in what […]

A message from Metro

Spotted by me at the Smithlands light rail station: I believe this subject came up in my interview with Gilbert Garcia and Christoph Spieler but figured it deserved its own mention regardless. Expect the Board to explore further changes to the Q card program, including possibly bringing back day passes.

Sign of the times: Prop 3

Spotted this the other day on Old Spanish Trail just east of SH288: Far as I can tell, the nearest red light camera to this sign is at Wayside and I-45. It’s all I’ve seen of the campaign against Prop 3 till now. You can contrast that with the pro-Prop 3 ad that’s now running […]

Another Wal-Mart meeting

There was another meeting about the proposed Wal-Mart on Wednesday, this time for residents only. [I]n the second public meeting in eight days addressing concerns over the Walmart-Ainbinder Company development, the city’s proposed 380 Agreement with the developers took center stage. The 380 Agreement is a statewide compensation program, which would reimburse the developer building […]

Market Square reopening next week

Market Square Park downtown, which began a renovation in February, will reopen next weekend. The Market Square Park downtown will officially reopen on Aug. 28, with performances by the John Evans Band and singer-songwriter Andrew Karnavas. The renovated park — framed by Preston, Congress, Milam and Travis Streets — will now include a sizable dog […]

The summer of Wal-Mart continues

As long as I’m mentioning new signs, here’s another that’s popped up recently: Pardon the flash; I was in a bit of a rush and didn’t have a chance to go back and take another shot. The Stop Heights Wal-Mart folks definitely have some traction in the area. They now claim over 5,000 supporters in […]

Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

I mentioned there were pro-preservation ordinance signs out there, so I thought I’d show what they look like: The link is to, the Houston Historic Districts Coalition. It’s a busy little website, especially in contrast to the Responsible Historic Preservation folks. As I said before, I’ve seen a lot more of the RHP signs […]

Ready or not, here comes Wal-Mart

It’s a done deal. Wal-Mart has placed 16 acres of land in the Washington Avenue corridor under contract, company spokeswoman Kellie Duhr confirmed Thursday. The deal comes two days after concerned Heights-area residents voiced their opposition to the project to the Houston City Council. Though some council members complimented the residents on their proactive efforts […]

Pushback on the historic preservation ordinance

I’m seeing a few of these signs in my neighborhood: The first ones I spotted were in front of houses on Heights Blvd; this one and a couple of others were on Studewood on an empty commercial lot. I’ve since seen a few on Yale and 6th Street. The site says it is a […]

A view of the “Heights” Wal-Mart site

I was thinking last week that I didn’t have a good feel for the geography of the site for the proposed “Heights” Wal-Mart. So I figured the thing to do was to drive over there and take a few pictures. I did that on Friday morning, and put them into this Flickr set for your […]

A Montrose/Studemont walkability update

Back in 2008, I put together a photo essay on density and walkability in Montrose, in particular on Montrose/Studemont between West Gray and Washington. It included this photo, taken in front of what was then the old Ed Sacks Waste Paper site: Well, the Sacks site is gone, and in its place is a new […]

Vote for me for something

I’ve now seen four of these signs near where I live, one on I-10 westbound just before the Taylor exit, two on 20th Street between Studewood and Heights, and this one on Durham just south of Washington. I have three questions: 1. Which Michael Williams are we talking about? The Railroad Commissioner? The HCCS Trustee, […]

Don’t we have some kind of ordinance for this?

This is I-10 at Studemont on Wednesday morning. They started building this thing on Monday, and by Wednesday evening there were billboards on display. Once I realized what it was, I said to myself “Don’t we have some kind of billboard-restricting ordinance? How is it that a new billboard is being put up?” As it […]

Are they finally building something on the Robinson Warehouse site?

Remember the Robinson Warehouse? It’s been more than three years now since the old building at Montrose and Allen Parkway was demolished, and the site has been fallow ever since. But in the last week or so, some signs of life, or at least impending construction, have appeared. You may recall that the land had […]

Saturday still picture break: Go Texan

This little piece of yard art is on Greenbriar, across the street from Roberts Elementary School: It appeared a couple of weeks ago, just before the start of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. I can only presume that was not a coincidence.

It’s magic

I’ve always been a fan of magic acts – I still remember seeing Doug Henning’s “The Magic Show” on Broadway with my dad when I was a kid – so I’m really excited about Magic!, the new exhibit at HMNS. Running through Sept. 6, the exhibit illuminates the craft of the world’s greatest magicians, from […]

Goodbye, old friend

This morning, Tiffany and I took our dog, Harry, to the vet. He did not come home with us. We’d known this day was coming for awhile. Harry was 15 years old, and his health had declined in recent months. We’ve been preparing the girls for it, telling them how Harry was going to be […]

A hippie bohemian flashback

Remember this? Those were the days, my friends, those were the days. These days? Not so much. Three years ago, developers got the city to shut down Bolsover Street so they could build the seven-story complex, but those plans stopped after the economy took a turn for the worse. The Houston City Council will vote […]

The inauguration

Here was my view of today’s inaugural festivities: Click the photo for a larger version. Tiffany and I were seated next to Martha, who has some pictures as well as a post about Mayor Parker’s inaugural address. It was an honor and a privilege to be at the Wortham Center for this historic event. We […]

Merry Christmas!

From ours to yours, have a very Merry Christmas. I’ll have a Christmas version of the Friday Random Ten up later today, but that’ll be it till tomorrow.

Still more on Parker’s win

Hereare a couple of photo slide shows from the Annise Parker victory party on Saturday, from TPM and Hair Balls, the latter of which has some pix from the Gene Locke event as well. And BOR has a recording of a voice mail message President Obama left for Parker to congratulate her on her win. […]

Friday random ten: Tell me what that white stuff falling from the sky is called again?

That would be “snow”. Which we don’t get much of here in Houston. But we’re getting it today, and it’s even starting to accumulate. So here are ten songs about snow and/or winter. 1. Snow Day – Trout Fishing in America 2. Snowflake Reel – Hot Club of Cowtown 3. Rain and Snow – Solas […]