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San Antonio going for desalinization

Another thing we’ll be seeing more of in the near future. The San Antonio Water System is now pumping salt water in southern Bexar County as it looks for new water sources for the city. Tuesday the utility gave a tour of one of its first production wells in the middle of pastureland that will […]

The time to plan for the future was in the past

Here’s a piece in the Rio Grande Guardian by my one-time history professor Char Miller that’s worth your time to read: Today is World Water Day, a U.N.-sponsored event that is an ideal time for communities to strategize about their future water needs. For San Antonio (and South Texas), this year’s theme–Water for Cities: Responding […]

San Antonio to introduce tiered water rates

Good for them. The San Antonio Water System presented a proposed rate structure to the City Council on Wednesday that would penalize high-volume users while rewarding those who use less. “This is designed to change behavior,” said Doug Evanson, SAWS chief financial officer and senior vice president. […] By increasing rates for the top 7 […]