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Mayors to Abbott: Don’t mess with our cities

Good luck getting through. Less than 24 hours after Gov. Greg Abbott blasted local government restrictions like tree ordinances as a threat to the “Texas brand,” city government leaders statewide are seeking a meeting with the Republican leader. “We would like the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the role cities play in attracting […]

Early voting so far

The Chron looks at the first day of early voting and some area races. Early voting began Monday for local elections next month that will determine who leads increasingly diverse Pasadena, the fate of a major school bond referendum in League City and whether Houston’s largest school district pays tens of millions to the state […]

A look ahead to Fort Bend County elections in 2017

(Note: From time to time I solicit guest posts on various topics, from people who have a particular interest or expertise in a particular topic. I don’t know much about local and municipal elections in Fort Bend County, so today’s post is by Steve Brown. As has been aptly reported here over the last couple […]

Steve Brown: Why we need the US90A rail line

(Note: From time to time I solicit guest posts on various topics, from people who have a particular interest or expertise in a particular topic. Today’s post is by Steve Brown, on the newly revived US90A commuter rail line.) In May 2015, Metro began operating two light rail lines serving the East End and Southeast […]

Commuter rail status

There’s still a push for commuter rail in Houston. With freight trains on Houston area tracks teeming with cargo, supporters of commuter rail to the suburbs are focusing on three spots where they can potentially build their own lines for passengers. The Gulf Coast Rail District – created in part to find a way to […]

The red light camera debate keeps raging on

Elsewhere, thankfully. Not here. League City is the latest to put the plug on red light cameras at intersections. Cameras at three League City intersections were to be turned off by midnight Wednesday, after the City Council voted to cut short its five-year agreement with Arizona-based contractor Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. The contract was set […]

Somebody else’s red light camera problems

Sugar Land: A Fort Bend County activist wants to pull the plug on Sugar Land’s red-light cameras, but city officials aren’t about to budge on their plans to ticket motorists caught on camera running red lights. H.F. Van Der Grinten, a semiretired shipmaster, took his message to Sugar Land Municipal Court at 1200 Texas 6 […]

Sugar Land has its own Ashby

The unhappy dissenters part of it, anyway. The planned development of the city’s last piece of open land would turn the abandoned Imperial Sugar site – the very genesis of the city – into an $800 million urban space with museums, parks, luxury apartments, restaurants and a theater. “It represents our evolution,” said Doug Adolph, […]

Skeeter mascots

Meet Swatson and Moe, the mascots of the Sugar Land Skeeters. I guess when your franchise is named for a winged pest, your options for cuddly anthropomorphic representations are somewhat constrained. Be that as it may, the Phillies Phanatic comparison works pretty well for them. What do you think?

Downtown suburbia

Lisa Gray writes approvingly of a forthcoming urban development in Sugar Land. A far bigger project in the works is the Imperial, a 715-acre development that includes the site of the defunct Imperial Sugar refinery – the factory that built Sugar Land, the old industrial center of what was once a company town. The walkable, […]

What next for Sugar Land prison property?

Now that the Central Unit in Sugar Land has been closed, what will happen to the empty facility? The fate of the Central Unit site will be decided by the three-member School Land Board, which oversees real estate investments on behalf of the $26 billion Permanent University Fund. The board is chaired by Texas General […]

Will there be more prison closures?

This story, which is primarily about the soon-to-be-closed Central Unit in Sugar Land, discussed the possibility that other prisons may also wind up being closed, but doesn’t seem to hopeful about it. Officials note that Texas is perhaps the only state in the country now with hundreds of empty prison bunks and the possibility of […]

Sugar Land prison set to close

This has been a long time coming. Texas joins a nationwide trend of shutting expensive state prisons, driven partly by red ink in state budgets, partly by a drop in convict numbers (with the lowest crime rate since 1973) and partly by a policy shift from lock-’em-up justice to rehabilitation programs. “From where Texas was […]

Sugar Land prison to be closed

Good news. Lawmakers trying to settle on the state’s budget for the next two years have agreed to shutter a 102-year-old state prison in Sugar Land. Under the proposal adopted this week by negotiators from both chambers of the Legislature, the state would stop funding beyond Aug. 31 the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s Central […]

A night with the Skeeters

I learned a couple of interesting things from this Richard Justice column about the forthcoming Sugar Land Skeeters minor league baseball team. Among them: You may think you know what a Skeeter is, but you don’t. If you’re wondering what a Skeeter is, don’t. “It’s not a mosquito,” [team president Matt] O’Brien said. He will […]

Population growth in the Houston suburbs

The Chron’s Newswatch blog had a post the other day showing population changes in different ethnic groups for a number of Houston suburbs between 2000 and 2010. It was done as a chart, and while it was a very nice chart, I’m a numbers guy, not a pictures guy. So I translated it all into […]

Sugar Land seeks someone to develop prison land

I hope they get their wish. Sugar Land city officials hope to convert a 330-acre state prison property into a light industrial business park and are looking for private partners for the development. The tract, which sits adjacent to the Sugar Land Regional Airport northwest of the intersection of Texas 6 and U.S. 90A, is […]

More on Metro’s rail to Fort Bend plan

Here’s a story from the first of the public meetings Metro is holding on the proposed US90A rail line to Fort Bend. Planners of a proposed project to extend light rail service from Houston to Missouri City are hopeful about securing $1 million federal funding for the undertaking. Kimberly Slaughter, senior vice president of the […]

The Skeeters have a stadium name

We now know the name of the stadium that will someday house the Sugar Land Skeeters. Fun at the ol’ ballpark will now officially take place at….StarTex Power Field. It’s named, as you already know if you work for this particular obscure company, for an energy retailer. “There was great interest from a variety of […]

Will their first fan giveaway be flyswatters?

The Sugar Land Skeeters? For serious? Sugar Land’s minor league baseball team has yet to be formed, but planners have begun selling tickets for its 2012 inaugural season Wednesday after unveiling the team’s name, the Skeeters. Hair Balls has a rendering of the team’s logo. Am I the only one who thinks that “Sugar Land […]

An early peek at the Sugar Land baseball stadium

From the city’s web page: Sugar Land recently began the process to select a final design-build contractor for the construction of a minor league baseball stadium northeast of State Highway 6 and U.S. Highway 90A. A final decision is expected in late January. Architectural renderings have been prepared and are available above in the “On […]

Sugar Land contemplates its transportation options

Via Houston Tomorrow, here’s an interesting story about how Sugar Land is thinking about the effect of the planned baseball stadium and Imperial Sugar Mill redevelopment on traffic. Both projects mean this older part of Sugar Land is likely to become much more popular, making it ripe for heavy congestion. This is something local resident […]

Commuter rail along US 90A

Here’s an update on a piece of the 2003 Metro Solutions referendum that has been largely quiescent till now, the proposed commuter rail line from the Fannin South station to Fort Bend County. Though efforts soon stalled after a 2003 referendum in which voters approved a light rail expansion, the project has seen renewed political […]

Comparing stadium experiences

The Sugar Land Sun has an interesting three-part series comparing the minor league baseball experiences in Fort Worth and New Orleans to what we might expect in Sugar Land with its forthcoming stadium. Here’s the introduction: Both cities provide key comparisons to Sugar Land that should allow residents to have realistic expectations of what non-Major […]

Sugar Land stadium site selected

The location for the Sugar Land baseball stadium has been chosen. Sugar Land City Council has chosen an area near the northeast corner of Hwy. 6 and U.S. Hwy. 90A as their preferred site for a minor league baseball stadium. The preferred location is part of the Imperial Redevelopment/Tract 3 site proposed by Johnson Development […]

Sugar Land gets its stadium

They’ve been working on it for over two years now, and at long last, the city of Sugar Land has struck a deal to build a minor league baseball stadium. The project promises to create 120 jobs, generate $7.7 million and draw 300,000 visitors annually, according to the deal between the city and Opening Day […]

West U and Bellaire on the Google Fiber bandwagon

The deadline for submitting an application for a city to be a part of Google’s experimental fiber network was last Friday, the 26th. The cities of West University Place and Bellaire got theirs in before the deadline. Cindy Siegel and Bob Kelly won’t be making any photo-op leaps to promote their respective cities’ cases for […]

Montgomery County gets in the minor league act

We know about Sugar Land’s plan to build a stadium for a minor league baseball team. They’ve now been joined by a neighbor to the north in that pursuit. The East Montgomery County Improvement District signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ventura Sports Group and Sugar Land-based Wallace Bajjali Development Partners to build a […]

Sugar Land wants Google Fiber for Communities

Sugar Land joins Austin in making a concerted pitch to bring Google Fiber For Communities to their town. “This project is suited to Sugar Land. Our population is highly educated. We have high standards,” said Sharlett Chowning, director of information technology in her presentation to City Council on Tuesday. The proposed Internet speeds would be […]

More on the Sugar Land minor league baseball push

Here’s an update from the Chron to last week’s news about Sugar Land’s pursuit of a minor league baseball team. The preliminary discussions about the ballpark put it in the Class AAA compatibility range, typically requiring a seating capacity at least in the high four-digits, but the exact capacity is among the features that will […]

Sugar Land moves forward on getting a baseball team

They couldn’t get the Dynamo, but the city of Sugar Land is making progress on landing a baseball team. The city council of Sugar Land agreed this week to work with a company that specializes in getting cities to build minor-league baseball parks and get teams to go in them. The city approved a Memorandum […]

Close the Sugar Land prison

Grits has a question. Why not begin to close Texas’ oldest, most outdated prisons, particularly when locals would benefit from a “higher and better use” of the property and the state is looking to trim the budget? At the top of his list is the 100 year old Central Unit in Sugar Land. Go read […]

Sneak preview of HMNS Sugar Land facility

You may have heard that the Houston Museum of Natural Science will be opening a site in Sugar Land on October 3. If you’re in the are Thursday afternoon, you can get a sneak preview of it as they finish up construction. Here are the details if you’re interested. Join the Houston Museum of Natural […]


So yesterday was the annual Pride parade in Houston. It was greeted by this sweet article in the lifestyle section. Today’s Pride Festival will celebrate the diversity of the Houston area’s thriving gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. That diversity includes the determinedly domestic life that Ben Austin and Bill Thomasson have carved out with […]