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Saturday video break: Boldly going forward

This past week, a life-size cutout of Captain Kirk appeared in my office. That’s as good a reason as any for this: I love the classics, don’t you?

Saturday video break: Happy anniversary

Old school anniversary celebration: And hey, look: A cover version! Nothing like a rousing anniversary song, is there?

The Real Housewives of the Oilpatch

Sure, why not? A reality television show developer has traveled from California to Texas in hopes of spinning the “Real Housewives” concept into an oil field drama. Matt Stroud, a development producer for CrashHat Entertainment, recently released a casting call for women who can show “the real American pride that goes hand-in-hand with being an […]


From Dwight: Aereo, which already has disrupted the television landscape in New York City, is coming soon to Houston and 21 other U.S. markets – but only if it survives legal attempts to kill it. On Tuesday, Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia announced at CES in Las Vegas that the company would embark on a major […]

Saturday video break: The Charlie Brown School of Dance

Just watch: Admit it, you always wondered what those dances were called.

RIP, Larry Hagman

Farewell, JR. J.R. Ewing was a business cheat, faithless husband and bottomless well of corruption. Yet with his sparkling grin, Larry Hagman masterfully created the charmingly loathsome oil baron — and coaxed forth a Texas-size gusher of ratings — on television’s long-running and hugely successful nighttime soap, “Dallas.” Although he first gained fame as nice […]

Saturday video break: Blueberry Hill

Song #50 on the Popdose Top 100 Covers list is “Blueberry Hill”, originally by Gene Autry and covered by Fats Domino. Here’s the original: The things I’ve discovered doing this series. Gene Autry, who knew? It sure is different than the version we all know: That was obviously done a few years after he recorded […]

Fourth of July video break: We the People

You can tell how old someone is by whether or not they can recite the preamble to the Constitution without singing it. All together now! Happy Fourth, y’all. I may have another video later.

Here comes NBC Sports

Comcast SportsNet Houston, which is owned by NBC Sports, is coming to downtown. Comcast SportsNet Houston, the new regional sports network that will air Rockets games this fall and Astros games in 2013, plans to begin broadcasting in early October from its new 32,000-square-foot studio complex in the downtown Houston Pavilions, the network’s general manager […]

Riggle continues his crusade

Pastor Steve Riggle continues to be obsessed with gays and lesbians. Taking advantage of his mega-church pulpit on Sunday morning, Pastor Steve Riggle of Houston’s Grace Community Church advanced his crusade against Mayor Annise Parker’s public support for same-sex marriage by urging Houston’s lesbian mayor to either stand up for traditional marriage “or do the […]

One good thing will come out of Craig James’ Senate campaign

He apparently won’t be brought back by ESPN. Sportwriters and fans alike rejoice.


Congrats to Ernie Manouse for reaching this milestone: Houston-(February 15, 2012) Over the past 10 seasons, the nationally syndicated award-winning series,  InnerVIEWS with Ernie Manouse hasentertained and informed audiences with interesting, intimate, and revealing conversations with some of today’s most captivating notables. Now,InnerVIEWS, and Emmy winner Ernie Manouse, get ready to celebrate their 150th episode with multi-award winning journalist Bill Moyers. The […]

Comcast SportsNet Houston

This would be cool. The NBC Sports Group is seeking about $2 million in state and local support to bring a major production studio and 135 jobs to downtown Houston. The operation would be for Comcast SportsNet Houston, a new regional television network that will broadcast Astros and Rockets games beginning in the fall. The […]

Are you ready for “The Osteens”?

When you think about it, the strange thing is that they didn’t already have a reality TV show. Joel Osteen announced Tuesday that he has partnered with Survivor producer Mark Burnett to create a reality TV show that would follow him and his wife, Victoria, and Lakewood Church members on mission trips across the country. […]

Saturday video break: Raspberry Beret

Song #92 on the Popdose Top 100 Covers list is “Raspberry Beret”, originally by Prince and covered by the Hindu Love Gods. As you know, it’s not so easy to find Prince songs on YouTube, but here’s a VH1 Pop-Up Video version of it: Little snarky there, weren’t they? And here’s Warren Zevon making an […]

Saturday video break: How Soon Is Now

Song #95 on the Popdose Top 100 Covers list is “How Soon Is Now”. It was also apparently the theme song to the TV show “Charmed”, or at least the cover version by Love Spit Love is. And here’s the original version, by The Smiths: That’s an extended version of the song, but I couldn’t […]

Are you ready for the Sooner Network?

Sure, why not? Reporters were given a tour Tuesday of the university’s SoonerVision HD production rooms that have been expanded through $5 million in improvements in recent years. With fiber-optic cables connecting the school’s athletic venues to side-by-side control rooms, Oklahoma plans to broadcast and webcast dozens more sporting events this year in high definition. […]

Saturday video break: OK Go + Muppets = awesome

Some things were just meant to happen: Be sure to watch the “behind the scenes” video as well: Thanks to Popdose for the embeds.

Why not start the Aggie Network?

Kirk Bohls raises an interesting point. It’s hard to blame Texas for having the wherewithal and desire to start its own network and reap $15 million a year off it for the next 20 years. It’s not the Longhorns’ fault they’ve won four national championships in football and two Heisman trophies, and are one of […]

NCAA officially nixes high school programming on the Longhorn Network

So much for that. The NCAA made official Thursday what most suspected would happen: It won’t allow programming involving high school athletics on university- or conference-affiliated television networks. That means the new Longhorn Network’s plans to carry about 18 high school football games on Thursdays and Saturdays have been scuttled. NCAA president Mark Emmert said […]

No high school games on the Longhorn Network

For now, anyway. The Big 12’s athletic directors unanimously agreed to a moratorium on high school content delivered on institutional or conference media platforms for a minimum of one year, the league announced in a release Monday. League athletic directors converged in Dallas for a meeting specifically designed to address questions other schools had about […]

Film incentives

Stuff like this always fascinates me. In a legislative session marked by a slew of high-profile budget cuts, Texas lawmakers opted to continue offering [film and TV production] incentives, but they reduced the amount available by 50 percent. They approved $30 million to use over the next two years, according to Gov. Rick Perry’s office, […]

RIP, Bubba Smith

Football great and actor Bubba Smith has passed away. Bubba Smith, an outsize presence in the National Football League who went on to a prolific career in television and the movies, was found dead on Wednesday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 66. The cause was not yet known, a spokesman for the […]

It’s “The Longhorn Network” for a reason

Branding, y’all. It’s called branding. And I don’t mean what they do to cattle. Though I suppose that is sort of what’s happening here, now that I think about it. Opponents’ views of Texas’ new cable network venture with ESPN have quickly escalated from concern to apprehension to resentment. Texas A&M’s board of regents will […]

Saturday video break: We the people

Here’s a little Schoolhouse Rock to get you in the Fourth of July mood: If you’re a true child of the 1970’s, you are incapable of merely saying the Preamble. It simply must be sung. Hope you’re having an excellent weekend.

Saturday video break: It’s OK to be Takei

Ladies and gentlemen, George Takei: I suppose now is as good a time as any to show you this: That was taken at the Houston premier of a slightly bizarre, very cheesy, and mostly fun sci-fi western called Oblivion, at a now long-gone theater on Post Oak near San Felipe. The movie’s director, writer (Peter […]

Here are the vetoes

Sunday was the deadline for Rick Perry to sign, veto, or leave unsigned all of the remaining bills from the regular legislative session. He had 1170 pieces of legislation awaiting a decision while he was busy gallivanting around the country. Yesterday, he finished the task, issuing a total of 24 vetoes, one of which was […]

TV recycling redux

Back in 2009, the Lege passed a bill that would have required television manufacturers that sell TVs in Texas to set up a recycling program for old sets. This was modeled after similar legislation passed in 2007 for computers and computer manufacturers. Unfortunately, the bill was vetoed by Rick Perry despite assurances from his staff […]

Saturday video break: When an evil boy meets an evil girl

It’s the age-old story. May your Valentine’s Day be filled with maniacal laughter, robot armies, and anything else your heart desires.

When the Love Boat goes condo

That was my reaction when I read this. Minnesota-based River Cities is proposing a floating condo community that would be based in Houston. The developer, which is targeting retirees, is showing a model condo at the Marina Del Sol in Kemah through Feb. 6. The boat, which will be 600 feet long and called the […]

Saturday video break: Let’s have a little talk about tweetle beetles

I give you Dr. Seuss’ “Fox in Socks”, read by someone who can read it a lot faster than I can: She goes so fast I can’t really swear that she’s actually reading what’s on the pages in question. The loud reactions from the audience don’t help, either. It’s still pretty damned impressive. Those of […]

You can’t say that about cheeseburgers!

Local TV stations are not lovin’ an anti-McDonald’s ad. The advertisement from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, titled “Consequences,” displays a doctor and a weeping woman standing over a corpse clutching a cheeseburger in its right hand. The 30-second spot ends with a picture of the McDonald’s logo, the words “I was lovin’ it,” a […]

“CSI:San Antonio” would be far preferable

Oh, hell no. According to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS is planning a neo-Western crime drama from executive producer Anthony Zuiker called “Desperado.” It focuses on a group of lawmen who enact cowboy-style justice in modern times on criminals in San Antonio. The publication compared it to “Justified” on FX, which is based on an Elmore […]

RIP, Leslie Nielsen

As Mel Brooks said when his friend Harvey Korman passed away, the world is a more serious place today. Leslie Nielsen, the actor best known for starring in such comedies as Airplane! and the Naked Gun film franchise, died Sunday of complications from pneumonia at a hospital near his home in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. He […]