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Thanksgiving video break: Comfort music

In times like these, we turn to old favorites for joy and solace: Thanks for being there for us, Arlo. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Thanksgiving video break: It was like the turkeys mounted a counterattack

The greatest holiday TV episode ever. If you haven’t seen this before, you are in for a treat. And if you have seen it before, you know what I’m talking about: I hope your Thanksgiving is better and less chaotic than that. Enjoy!

Friday video break: Black Friday

I have no idea why I haven’t used this on Black Friday before: I love it when a band successfully reinterprets its own established work, as Steely Dan does here, turning the synth-driven tune into a slowed-down blues rocker. For a band that didn’t tour much in their early days, they’re an awesome live act. […]

Thanksgiving video break: I’ve done this often enough to call it a tradition

And what a tradition it is: I plan to be in a turkey coma today, hopefully in front of a football game. Hope you have the Thanksgiving you want as well.

Friday random ten: Leftovers

In the spirit of the weekend, ten songs about food. 1. Hotdogs and Hamburgers – John Mellencamp 2. Watermelon Time – Marcia Ball 3. Col. Josh’s Homestyle Barbecue – Asylum Street Spankers 4. Ode To The Lima Bean – Flying Fish Sailors 5. Corn Dogs – The Bobs 6. Tastes Like Chicken – Austin Lounge […]

Thanksgiving video break: Alice’s Restaurant

Needs no introduction, does it? That was at Farm Aid 2005. Still sounds great, too. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.

Where to eat if no one is cooking in your house

I figure most people are eating at home, or the home of a family member or friend, but if you’re not and you’re in Houston, has a list of restaurants that are open today. Some pretty fancy places in that list, actually, so if you were going to cook but had a catastrophic failure […]

The helium shortage gets real

It could affect Thanksgiving. “We’ve secured helium to meet some of our parade needs, and we are working to secure more,” Kim Stoilis, president and chief executive officer of the Houston Festival Foundation, said in an email Wednesday. “We’re excited about this holiday tradition and our parade director assures me that all of our balloons […]

Friday random ten: Black Friday edition

Today is Black Friday, the traditional start-of-the-Christmas-season holiday in which crazy people get up before the crack of dawn to have first dibs at discounted merchandise. I understand our neighborhood Target took things to the logical extreme and opened at midnight. How can I not celebrate this in song? 1. Black Friday – Steely Dan […]

Beyond turducken

You’ve had turducken. You’ve had turbaconducken. Where do you go from there? How about the Quaducant, with Creole sausage? That’s just one of several options presented to you at that link. I may have to ask for that next year. This year, we’re having turkey enchiladas, made by my most excellent mother-in-law. Oh, and pie. […]

Saturday video break: Won’t I get a reputation for being soft on turkeys?

President Bartlett, doing his Constitutional duty: There’s also the classic Butterball hotline sequence if you want more. Happy Saturday!

More stories about building food

After having turducken for your Thanksgiving dinner, how can you not have something like this for dessert? A Los Angeles man named Charles Phoenix has created the turducken of Thanksgiving desserts and dubbed it the cherpumple. Turduckens are pretty commonplace these days; the cherpumple decidedly is not. A cherpumple is a three-layer cake sporting an […]

Special Thursday video break: It’s not the name of the restaurant, it’s the name of the song

You can get anything you want at you-know-where: I did this last year and figured I’d do it again this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

Smoked beer can turkey

For those of you with an engineering bent and a large enough grill, I give you smoked beer can turkey, based on a popular grilling technique for chickens. Bon appetit!

Friday random ten: Thanks for giving

In honor of the holiday weekend, ten songs about thanking and giving. 1. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again) – Sly and the Family Stone 2. Thank You Girl – John Hiatt 3. Thank You Friends – Big Star 4. Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is In Another Castle – The Mountain Goats […]

Special Friday video break: As God is my witness…

I give you the 1970s precursor to “The Office”, the wonderful and underrated “WKRP In Cincinnati” and their all-time classic Thanksgiving episode. Seriously, if you’ve never seen this, you really need to watch it all the way through. If you have seen it, you don’t require my encouragement for that: While Mr. Carlson’s iconic line […]

Special Thursday video break: You can get anything you want

It’s not the name of the restaurant, it’s the name of the song: I was hoping to find a video based on the original recording, but failed. Since I always manage to forget to turn on the radio in time to hear its annual airing, this will have to do. So walk on in, it’s […]

For those of you who think turducken is too wimpy…

…I give you Turbaconducken. Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. If you click the link, you will either rush right out to buy several pounds of bacon, or you will become a vegetarian. If you’re already a vegetarian, for the love of God do not click the link. I cannot be held responsible […]

Thanksgiving travel

If you’re traveling this weekend, you’ll find the roads a bit more crowded than last year, but down from the norm. Americans shaken by last year’s economic crash may be regaining enough confidence to hit the roads in higher numbers this Thanksgiving, according to AAA. When a wobbly economy finally nose-dived last fall, Thanksgiving trips […]

Get well soon, Pancho Claus!

See you at the parade! The Houston actor best known locally as Pancho Claus still plans to make his annual holiday appearance in the Thanksgiving Day parade despite suffering a heart attack last week. Richard Reyes, who has portrayed the zoot suit-wearing, lowrider-cruising Hispanic icon for 28 years, said he was admitted to Memorial Hermann […]