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Athletes against SB6

From Athlete Ally: Dear Texas, The love of sport is in part what makes Texas great. The passion and competitive spirit that reverberates throughout the Texas athletic community is hard to match across the United States. It’s that passion – and the storied history of Texas athletics – that often makes the state a go-to […]

Campus student body presidents call for veto of campus carry bill

From the Rice Thresher: In a letter signed by 12 other Texas university presidents, Student Association President Jazz Silva called for Texas Governor Greg Abbott to not sign Senate Bill 11, which would allow licensed Texans to carry concealed handguns on college campuses statewide, including at Rice. Abbott has previously said he will sign the […]

Darsh Preet Singh

Very cool. Basketball courts didn’t care that Darsh Preet Singh wore a turban. Or that he is Sikh. Hardwood is a great equalizer. The court’s 10-foot-high rim does not discriminate. If you can handle the rock, you’ve got a place. Even better if you can dunk. Singh could do both. And his turban always suited […]

Saturday video break: Birdland

Yesterday, I mentioned how the song “Birdland” was an inextricable part of my college experience. Here are two of my favorite renditions of that song. First, the immortal Maynard Ferguson: Maynard Ferguson was my first jazz hero, going back to the first time I played “Chameleon” back in middle school. His band just flat-out jammed. […]

Friday random ten: Reunited (And I Feel So Old)

This weekend is my 25-year college reunion. Here are ten songs to put one in the mood for reuniting with increasingly old friends. If you’ll excuse me, the open bar is calling my name. 1. My Old School – Steely Dan 2. Bright College Days – Tom Lehrer 3. Didn’t Go To College (But I […]

I love it when anti-GLBT candidates lose

A good runoff result in San Antonio. Ron Nirenberg, once an underfunded dark-horse, secured the District 8 seat in [last] Saturday’s runoff, overwhelmingly defeating establishment candidate Rolando Briones. “It feels good knowing that in San Antonio, the message of grassroots, neighborhood-oriented politics is still what will carry the day — not money, not machine, but […]

Amazon has a strange idea of what constitutes “erotica”

In last week’s Texas blog roundup, we saluted Amy Valentine for successfully turning her blog about surviving breast cancer into a book about surviving breast cancer. Amy is a friend of mine from my class at Trinity University, and I’ve been following her blog since its inception, partly because I’ve cared about what’s happening with […]

Observing a milestone

Thirty-five years ago today, the course of my life was completely changed. I didn’t know that at the time, of course. Oh, I knew that my life at the time had changed, but I had no way of knowing how profound and permanent that change would be. March 6, 1978 was my first day at […]

Get well soon, Elf Louise

If you’ve ever lived in San Antonio, you are undoubtedly familiar with the Elf Louise Christmas Project. I’m sad to say that “Elf” Louise Locker has suffered a heart attack, but thankfully appears to be recovering nicely. The woman behind one of San Antonio’s most prolific Christmas-based charities, Louise Locker, had a heart attack Sunday […]

More reactions to the election results

Enough about me. What are some other people saying about Tuesday’s results? Here’s a sample: Greg Juanita PDiddie Campos Mark Bennett EoW Neil Harold Stace Lion Star Texas Trib TM Daily Post TFN Insider There’s a certain amount of bitterness and disgust expressed in some of those posts about the more ridiculous results from Tuesday. […]

Jazzing it up

A little plug for my alma mater. KRTU knows how to throw a public party. The Trinity University radio station kicked off a yearlong celebration of the arts in general and jazz in particular Sunday afternoon and evening at the Sunken Garden Theater. Designed to commemorate the beginning of the station’s 10th year of airing […]

RIP, Dr. Eugene Carinci

Via my Trinity classmate Patrick Pringle, I just learned the sad news that Dr. Eugene Carinci, who was the band director at Trinity while we were there, has passed away. Dr. Carinci died at his home in Macon, Ga., on July 20. He was 59. An internationally known saxophone player, Dr. Carinci taught at Trinity […]

Budget cuts won’t just affect public universities

From my inbox, an email from the new President of my alma mater. Dear Mr. Kuffner: As you may be aware, the State of Texas faces an unprecedented budget shortfall of between $15 billion and $28 billion for the next two years. Budget proposals under consideration by the 82nd Session of the Texas Legislature include […]

Friday random ten: The top 500, part 10

Continuing on with the songs in my collection from the Rolling Stone Top 500 list. 1. All The Young Dudes – Billy Bragg (#253, orig. Mott The Hoople) 2. I Can See For Miles – The Who (#258) 3. Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley (#259, cover of Leonard Cohen) 4. Sail Away – Randy Newman (#264) […]

Friday random ten: Talk the talk

If you follow this blog for things other than random music, you know that I do a lot of candidate and officeholder interviews around election time. In honor of all that talking, here’s ten songs about talking: 1. Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love – Van Halen 2. Girls Talk – Dave Edmunds 3. I Talk To […]

Interview with Michael Soto

It’s time to start up the interview machine again, as election season will be on us before you know it. (Fun fact: We’re less than 90 days out from the start of early voting.) I’ve got a trio of SBOE candidates to get things started, beginning with Michael Soto, the Democratic candidate for SBOE in […]

What’s in a diploma?

My alma mater doesn’t make the news very often, so when it does, I take notice. A group of students at Trinity University is lobbying trustees to drop a reference to “Our Lord” on their diplomas, arguing it does not respect the diversity of religions on campus. “A diploma is a very personal item, and […]

The university printing business

Interesting. An experiment at Rice University to make scholarly research available to anyone with an Internet connection is trying to change the world of academic publishing. […] “The costs of publishing are reduced by digital dissemination, but they are hardly eliminated,” said Charles Backus, director of the Texas A&M University Press, which produces as many […]

Blog Stars

The Houston Press surveyed the local blog scene and picked out ten “Blog Stars” to highlight and profile. I’m pleased to say that they did me the honor of including me and my blog on that list. I always find it a little embarrassing to talk about myself like this, so since you’re already reading […]

Budget cuts coming for Rice

It’s going to be a tough budget year for Rice University. Rice President David Leebron set the stage for the coming year in an address to faculty this fall, warning that coping with endowment losses is one of the most critical issues facing the school. University officials say no decisions have been made about next […]

How green is your website?

Here are two thoughtful and interesting posts about data centers and carbon neutrality from my friend and Trinity classmate Robert Nagle; a postscript with some added thoughts is here. I’m glad to see that my webhost does pretty well in this regard, though it’s purely by accident from my perspective, as I’d never really thought […]

Saturday video break: Lateral!

I’ve shown this before, but in honor of the college alumni weekend I’m not attending, here’s the greatest highlight ever from our athletic department: I’ve watched that video a bunch of times from a couple of different angles, and I still can’t believe it.

Friday random ten: Old school

Three weeks ago was my 25-year high school reunion. This weekend is Alumni Weekend at my university. I couldn’t attend either, but I could put together a school-and-nostalgia oriented Friday Random Ten. 1. Schoolhouse Rock Medley – Lager Rhythms 2. My Old School – Steely Dan 3. School’s Out – Alice Cooper 4. Bust The […]

San Antonio moves forward on streetcars

Last month, the city of San Antonio announced it would form a citizens advisory committee to help guide the creation of a starter streetcar system. It has now done so. The commission’s prime task will be to advise VIA’s board of trustees whether or not to move forward with a streetcar project. It will also […]

The Texas Tribune

Very cool. The longtime editor of Texas Monthly magazine will team with an Austin venture capitalist to form a nonprofit news Web site devoted to government and politics in the Lone Star state. With a large bankroll, a staff at the outset of about eight journalists, and the cachet of Evan Smith, the Texas Monthly […]

Friday random ten: The whole enchilada

Finally, a Random Ten based on a shuffle of every song in the collection, not just a slimmed-down-to-fit-on-a-Mini playlist. What will the new much-bigger-than-a-Mini Touch give us? 1. The Mosstrooper’s Lament – SixMileBridge 2. Jim Malcolm – Losin’ Auld Reekie 3. Steamsville – Trinity University Jazz Band 4. Jim and Jack – Carolyn Wonderland & […]