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In case you want to watch the sausage being made.

Texans who subscribe to AT&T U-Verse will be able to watch live proceedings from the Texas House and Senate chambers beginning noon on Tuesday when the 83rd legislative session opens.

There is no extra fee for subscribers who can catch the legislative action on Channel 99 – the public, educational and government-programming channel.

“We are committed to connecting people, not only through the expansion of IP infrastructure to more consumers, but also by bringing consumers closer to their state government,” said AT&T Texas President Dave Nichols. “We are excited to provide this service to U-verse TV customers statewide.”

AT&T has provided coverage from the Texas House for the past two legislative sessions and is expanding to the Senate chamber for the first time.

You have been able to watch streaming video online of the House and the Senate, but I’m sure U-Verse will be a better experience. Plus, you can set your DVR for your favorite committee meeting, if you’re into that sort of thing. The only thing I’d add to this is that ideally it would be available on more systems than just this one. Hey, it’s your government, you ought to be able to see what you’re getting.